Ever since announcing his candidacy for president, Donald Trump has found himself surrounded by a constant cloud of controversy. In typical Trump fashion, the billionaire real estate mogul often vents his frustrations on his personal Twitter account. In an attempt to return the favor, Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton unloaded on Trump in her own Twitter rant.

Clinton on Trump University

The biggest news to come out of the Memorial Day weekend is the newest information released on the Trump University fraud case. Nearly 5,000 students are being represented, many of whom claim they were scammed out of as much as $35,000.

The Trump campaign denies any wrongdoing, and after the GOP nominee lashed out against the the judge handling the case, previously sealed documents were ordered to be unsealed. In the 400 pages that are now free to view by the public, the information shows how the school handled their operating procedures. Clinton took note of the documents, unleashing a fury of tweets, as reported by Mediaite on June 1.

"New documents confirm Trump 'University' was a scam that preyed on families to make money. Caution—may cause nausea," Clinton tweeted out Wednesday afternoon.

The former Secretary of State continued, unleashing tweets over the next hour that ripped into the former host of "The Apprentice." "The gist: Trump's for-profit university deceived & exploited students to take their money," anther tweet read, stating, "And he has the gall to call the media 'sleazy."

In tweet after tweet, Clinton accused Trump and the university of targeting the less fortunate in an attempt to increase profit, regardless of what the outcome resulted in with those who signed up.

Clinton concluded her Twitter firestorm asking, "If you can't trust him with your personal finances—how can we trust him with our country?"

Election outlook

Even with the controversy surrounding his campaign, Trump was able to pull off the political upset, becoming the last man standing in the GOP primary and clinching the nomination last month.

According to Real Clear Politics most recent rolling average, Clinton and Trump are essentially tied, with both candidates polling within the margin of error. Despite this, most pollsters expect Clinton to regain the lead following the conclusion of the Democratic primary.