In yet another example of violence on the campaign trail, Donald Trump's rally in New Mexico went up in flames. Protested crashed the event, burning pro-Trump flags, while attacking police horses with bottles and rocks.

Violence on the trail

Hundreds turned out to voice their opposition to the billionaire real estate mogul in Albuquerque Tuesday night. Following a disturbing trend over the last few months, angry protesters took to the streets and started a violent outbreak. As reported by The Hill on May 24, via reports from the Albuquerque Police Department, the evening quickly turned sour.

"Protesters are now throwing bottles and rocks at our Police Horses," the Albuquerque Police Department tweeted out. Conflicting accounts reported possible gun shots and tear gas being used, though the Albuquerque Police Department were quick to silence the rumors.

Other reports from on the ground show protesters setting fire to pro-Trump flags and signs, throwing them into the crowd, while the police were forced to confront those inciting violence.

Glass doors at the convention center where the rally took place were shattered, as reporters were told to remain inside to avoid injury.Protesters could be heard screaming "F**k Donald Trump," while the crowd descended into chaos.

As of press time, no arrests have been, though the crowd has yet to back down.

History of violence

Various reports and documented incidents of violence have been reported at Trump rallies across the country. Starting in February, acts of violence against reporters and protesters have become the norm.

Prior to a rally in Chicago in March, the Trump campaign was forced to cancel the event as protesters clashed with supporters, which ended up flowing to the outside of the building. During a rally last month in California, anti-Trump protesters were caught bashing police car windows, while stomping onto of the vehicles.

Election forecast

Despite the violence and controversy that has surrounded his campaign, Trump has managed to emerge as the Republican nominee. According to Real Clear Politics most recent rolling average, the former host of "The Apprentice" has erased Hillary Clinton's double-digit lead, pullingeven in a hypothetical general election match up.