A disturbing new trend in Barcelona, Spainwas known as 'sex roulette' has caused aconcern in the health community, Since the discovery of this deadly new trend Hospitals are reportedlyhaving a high rise in the number of STDs. According to the Barcelona’s Hospital Clinic – which is currently treating around 100 HIV carriers a day and rising – the numbers of ‘sex roulette’ parties have been linked to sexually transmitted diseases such as hepatitis C, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

What is sex roulette?

Sex roulette is a dangerous and high-risk game that is growing in popularity especially among the young people.

This dangerous game has most of its popularity across the Catalan capital (Spain) where one person secretly has HIV, usually has 80 attendees, and no one is allowed to use a condom. With the reality of knowing that a deadly game like this is trending, we must know that people have totally lost respect for HIV. Reports of the HIV virus are definitely on the rise in Barcelona. This is trending amongst people of all ages but the most common ages are from 15 to 25 but not excluding older players. The game seems to be aimed at thrill seekers who seem to get off on adding an extra element of danger to their sexual hookups. According to the reports, these wild teenage sex orgies seem to mirror the also deadly 'Bug Chasing' craziness; where gay men Intentionally pursue the HIV virus because it brings them some type of pleasure.

With this deadly new game, however, the rules are much looser. Case in point, some of the 'Sex Parties' are exclusive to HIV carriers only while others offer some (Blue Tablets) which have lead to these parties being known as 'Blue Partys' that supposedly prevent you from contracting the deadly virus.

Why engage in such risky behavior?

If you're like most people, your thinking 'why' why would people engage in such dangerous and risky behavior, well, according to Psychologist Kate Moyle, the bigger the risk' the bigger the thrill which apparently comes from the combination of an orgasm with high adrenaline basically a short-term thrill followed by long-term consequences such as contracting other deadly & dangerous STD's that there may not be a cure for.

Party-goers have no way of knowing if they are infected or not, Most of these dangerous orgies are thought to be attended by gay men only, but' surprisingly these meetups are more commonplace in wealthy circles of Serbia. According to experts, it's simply the thrill of the unknown that drives these crazy parties.

Why are we just hearing of this?

Well, actually, the Spanish Newspaper Lavanguardia reported about this 'Sex Roulette' game in 2014 expressing the lack of concern the teenagers had about attending these parties, and that they believed the craze had come from Columbia. One local, when interviewed about the phenomenon, said he was surprised that everyone is just now talking about these sex parties when in fact they've been quite popular in Serbia for a while.

The bizarre twist to this story is people turn up to these orgies in ritualistic masks and One of them has HIV. The wealthy put these parties together for themselves and other rich people. The real kick is the rush they get from possibly being the one who's having sex with the infected individual.