Alternative artist Alexandra releases new music

Australian Alternative artist Alexandra has just released a new music video titled "Criminal." Working with Producer Keith Olsen, it seems as though the artist has really found her stride with her latest single. The artist has a passion and a dedication to her craft that's readily apparent, and she has drawn comparisons to other established artists, including Hayley Williams of Paramore, Rihanna, Sia, and Alanis Morissette.

In terms of the track itself, it begins with a driving, mildly distorted guitar riff that's got a distinct, Alternative Rock edge.

Drums mix with Electronic elements to slowly build as the first verse picks up in intensity along with the speed and delivery of the vocal performance. Alexandra does a good job of toeing the Pop/Rock line. The musicality and intensity of her vocals borders the Pop edge, but also has a certain level of intensity that borders the Alternative sound. As an artist, she sits comfortably in that pocket -- belonging to neither in terms of classification, but embodying characteristics of both.

Ultimately, there's a lot going on in this track in terms of overall musicality. It certainly sits in a category all its own, with vintage guitar riffs, modern E.D.M. elements, and Alexandra's dynamic vocal delivery -- everything from sultry and seductive, up-tempo and intense, to all-out powerful.

As an artist, she showcases a wide range on this track, which is likely to intrigue many listeners as far as wanting to see more of what she can do after hearing this small sample.

Ultimately, it's easy to see how this brand of music and this style has the potential to appeal to audiences and listeners on a massive scale. All the above mentioned similar artists are definitely showcased as far as paying homage to those influences, and yet, even though she has the intensity and grit of an Alanis Morissette, and the Pop/Rock appeal of a Hayley Williams, Alexandra still incorporates enough of her own style and musical identity to make her brand unique. Definitely an artist to watch.