Not your average compilation album

Founded by Adam Reifsteck, Teknofonic Records has recently released a compilation album that's something of a "best of," if you will. The album is a 20-track magnum opus featuring the best that Teknofonic has to offer, including some well known, established artists such as Veela and a host of others. Performing and creating under the moniker of Sonic Fear, Reifsteck and company have assembled a record that will appeal to various listeners of the E.D.M. genre, no matter what particular sub-genre you may fancy, there's a little bit for everyone on this record.

As the album opener, Sonic Fear kicks things off with "I'll Be Your World." Melodic piano introduces the track, along with Veela's signature, soothing vocals. Electronic elements kick in following the first verse, and while the track isn't very hard-hitting, its got a nice, mellow quality that eases the listener into the record quite nicely. As far as production value, arrangement, and overall first impressions, the track certainly wets the appetite and intrigues the ear, paving the way for the tracks to follow.

Daniel Monroe's "Novocaine (Original Mix)" kicks things into high gear. This track is considerably more up-tempo than the opener, and it's anything but numbing. Once again, melody is key, as said melodic elements are intricately woven together to create a mesmerizing mix that will make you want to turn up your speakers and move your body along with every beat and bass drop.

A solid track overall.

Ultimately, "Teknofonic Essentials Vol 1" truly does have something for everyone. Whether you prefer Vocal E.D.M., something to give you an adrenaline boost, or something to wind down with after a long day, this compilation mix has everything you need, and more. If there's one thing to be said about this first volume of Teknofonic Essentials, it's that this is surely a solid foundation to build on, offering enough of a sonic glimpse into what the label is all about and what they want to do -- and they're sure to gain a new legion of fans with this release.