Donald Trump, the Democrat front-runner in the upcoming Presidential elections, posted a picture on Instagram attributing it to Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Indian Nation.

"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you, and then they fight you, and then you win - Mahatma Gandhi", Trump wrote on Instagram. The Instagram post also featured Trump's rally in Alabama.

But within no time, American Political experts came against Trump, and they claimed that Gandhiji has never said these words.

According to an anti-Trump lobby, it is not Mahatma Gandhi but socialist leader Nicholas Klein has made this statement.

They make it clear that Klein made a similar statement during a trade union address in 1918.

Christian Science Monitor even went a step ahead, and they have already put this on top 10 politics misquotes. It should be noted that Trump has garnered criticisms for approvingly retweeting the words of Italian leader Bennitto Mussolini.

Not even Trump, many leading political websites attribute the famous quote to Mahatma Gandhi. But historians believe that Gandhi had never made a statement like this.

Donald Trump has already made some weird promises which may create negative impacts on the living conditions in the United States of America.

He promised that once he gains power, he will make necessary steps to maintain a national registry for Muslim Americans.

He also suggested to kill the family of terrorists, and also assured to construct a big wall to keep the people of Mexico out of the U.S.

On the contrary, Mahatma Gandhi is one of the perfect personality in the history of World Politics, and he believed in the strongest and dominant idea of non-violence. The obsession and affinity of Trump towards Mahatma Gandhi evoke a feel of irony among political experts all around the world.

So far there has been no immediate response from the Trump camp on the issue.

In another incident on Monday, a member of the U.S. Secret Service attacked a journalist at a Donald Trump rally. The photographer was grabbed by his neck and slammed to the ground.