According to a Channel 2 Action News investigation, the State Department is funding millions of dollars to build mosques across the world.

A lot of criticism surrounds this investment as the U.S. makes an effort of slashing around $4 trillion in government spending.

There was outrage following the announcement made by a state commission which suggested huge cuts to the budget, including an elimination of interest education for the home mortgage.

Investment of millions for refurbishing mosques in an effort of goodwill in Muslim countries has made many taxpayer groups quite upset.

A taxpayer advocate, Jared Thomas stated that they are spending money they don’t have and that all this was on a gigantic credit card.

Millions of dollars were sent to places such as Cyprus. Before and after pictures of mosques that were refurbished with U.S tax dollars were displayed by the State Department.

Thomas further added that explaining this right now to American taxpayers facing a terrible time in paying bills and making ends meet is quite difficult.

On being asked why tax dollars are being sent to refurbishing buildings overseas, the State Department stated that they were trying to build relationships with Islamic leaders by fighting Islamic extremism.

Nonie Darwish, the Egyptian-American human rights activist, said that by attempting to create respect in the Middle East, the U.S is showing its weakness.

She further said that mosques are being rebuilt for supporting the radicals and not for supporting the moderates.

Mosques are being built for issuing fatwas of death against people like her, she said.

The tax dollars also fund mosques and computers in places such as Mali and Tajikistan.

At a Mali’s ancient mud-brick mosque, computers and Internet have been provided to local imams.

Taxpayers wonder how the State Department can afford to pay for Internet service while Americans are struggling through the worst recession.

With extremism and violence being incited by radical websites worldwide, there are chances of these taxpayer-funded Internet services misused.

Critics state that now it is time for reviewing the funding for all programs that don’t offer benefits to taxpayers.

The Deficit Commission made an announcement that it would look into why there is slow growth of foreign aid.