The oldest daughter of former GOP half term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has lost her second custody battle in the last three weeks. Bristol Palin, 25, will now be forced to share custody with her ex-fiance in regards to their baby daughter Sailor Grace.

Another legal defeat

Late in 2015, Palin's ex-fiance, Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, took legal action in an attempt to gain joint custody of his daughterwhowas born on Dec. 23 of last year, and has yet to meet her father. Palin originally agreed that Meyer could see thebaby, but required that she must be present during the visit.

When Meyer objected, their tentative agreement collapsed and the father decided to take the issue to a court of law. As PEOPLE magazine reported on March 10, a judge has ordered that a joint custody agreement is in the best interest of the child.

Alaska Judge Herman G. Walker Jr. outlined his ruling in court documents that were provided to PEOPLE. While the judge decided that the child should stay in Alaska with Palin, he also ordered that baby Sailor Grace will see her father, who lives in Kentucky, multiple times each month.

Meyer was granted visitation with his daughter twice a month, with each visit lasting for four days at a time. Palin pushed not to allow any overnight visits, citing an interruption in her breastfeeding routine, but the judge overruled her argument, instructing the mother to provided Meyer with "an adequate supply of milk or formula for overnight visitation."

Deja vu in court

This isn't the first time that Palin has had to deal with a custody battle.

Last month a judge ordered that Palin's oldest child, 7-year-old Tripp, would no longer remain in her full custody. Palin's ex, Levi Johnston, spent over $100,000 in legal fees which ended up paying off in the long run as he now shares custody with his son's mother.

"I'm so happy to have my son in my life," Johnston wrote in a Facebook post following the ruling, stating, "I'm happy now to be successfully co-parenting.

While nothing has been confirmed, but Palin's duel custody issues could be the reason why Sarah Palin left the campaign trail for Donald Trump last month, just weeks after she announced her endorsement.