Malibu – the affluent beach city remains one of the most coveted destinations in the Los Angeles County, California. Real estate in Malibu has always been a matter of popular discussion. Houses listed for sale in Malibu make news and find a mention across a countless number of real estate sites and platforms. Hollywood stars, celebrities, business tycoons, and even commoners are always on the look-out for ideal Malibu real estate investment opportunities available for sale or lease.

This post highlights the reasons that make Malibu an ideal destination for real estate investments:

Heaven on earth

Consisting of miles of breathtaking, warm sandy beaches, lush rolling hills, and favorable climate, the city of Malibu has long been hailed as a jewel of Southern California’s magnificent Pacific Coastline.

Every year, tourists in large numbers throng the place to witness ‘heaven on earth.' Unwinding in nature’s beach paradise is an experience to remember for ages. The opportunity to own a house in this paradise is simply irresistible for many.

Exclusive lifestyle

By investing in houses available for sale in Malibu, people get the opportunity to experience a lifestyle that is exclusive to Malibu. Enjoying one’s privacy amidst nature’s play -- flocks of Pelicans flying, playful dolphins in the ocean waters, a booming rich wildlife, majestic coastline, white sandy beaches, tranquil Santa Monica Mountains – are not for everyone. No wonder, Malibu real estate for sale is so rare, coveted, and valuable.

Malibu beach houses for sale offer an exclusive oceanfront lifestyle and are part of a community of the rich and famous including some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the region. Some Malibu luxury homes offer breathtaking ocean and mountain views – a very rare scenario exclusively reserved for a few lucky ones.

Numerous options

Malibu real estate is not just about luxury beach homes. It offers several options in both beachfront and landside properties. From private and exclusive enclave of Malibu beach houses for sale to beautiful beachfront condos to designer-built massive landside single family residences to numerous affordable manufactured or mobile homes facing the beaches or located at prominent communities – there is a wide range of options available for interested real estate investors.

Property value appreciation

Malibu real estate has been bullish for past few years now.

Prices have been skyrocketing and most properties are easily worth double now from what they were 4 years ago. This applies to even mobile or manufactured homes that are considered to be the most affordable means to own a beach house in Malibu for weekend getaways.

Promise of a great living experience

Malibu is not just famous for its pristine beaches. It boasts several local attractions, beautiful community parks, recreational areas, entertainment, and activities.If you're interested in investing in houses for sale in Malibu, go through Malibu real estate listings provided by leading Malibu-based real estate firms or agencies. These listings offer detailed descriptions pertaining to every property to help investors make well-informed decisions.