While many people have started to say that Bernie Sanders no longer has any chance to beat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, nearly 20,000 Seattleites aren't ready to give up. As liberals try to figure out any way to keep Donald Trump out of the White House, does the self-proclaimed socialist-democrat still have a chance to face the celebrity billionaire one-on-one? Can Sanders and his "political revolution" of the 2016 Election defeat Clinton - and then defeat Trump as well?

While the GOP establishment crosses their fingers in hopes of an "open convention" in Cleveland, the Democrats are left with a choice between "establishment" candidate Hillary Clinton and "socialist" candidate Bernie Sanders.

Having already accomplished so much more than many expected, Sanders will need to increase his support exponentially if he wants to secure the spot many thought Clinton would take without any real opposition.

Sanders goes easy on Clinton, focuses fire on GOP

In Seattle, Sanders refrained from tearing down Hillary, and instead focused on the detriment that any GOP candidate (especially Donald Trump) would bring to the office of President of the United States. In response to some of the racially-offensive things that Trump has said, Sanders assured those in Seattle that America simply won't elect someone who has such unacceptable views on women, racial minorities and religious outsiders.

“There is nothing we cannot accomplish,” he told the legions at the KeyArena on Sunday.

“This campaign has enthusiasm and the energy to carry us to victory, because we are doing something very unusual in American politics: We are telling the truth.” While philosophically the exact opposite of Donald Trump, some of the sentiment of his supporters in Seattle didn't sound all that different from what we've become used to hearing from the Trump campaign.

"He says a lot of stuff that needs to be said that no one else is actually saying,” according to 25-year-old Fiona Nightingale, expressing why she showed up to support Sanders. While this was a response to what Sanders has said about income inequality, Trump supporters give the same rationale for supporting Trump's racist, sexist, xenophobic rhetoric.

In one of the most liberal cities in America, Sanders did not hesitate to decry the disproportionate success seen by the likes of the Koch brothers, the Waltons of Wal-Mart, a "biased" media, the fossil fuel industry— and the "rigged economy" he claimsthese billionaires are exploiting.

Sanders still a long shot candidate, butchanging the debate

As any mathematician or statistician will tell you, short of a roadblock even bigger than "emailgate" or the Benghazi fiasco, Hillary Clinton has the democratic nomination all but locked up. But for a long-shot candidate like Bernie Sanders, the results of his campaign should still be considered a success, even if he must (eventually) bow out to the former Secretary of State.

Sanders has completely changed the conversation. Many casually-leftist thinkers had little to no knowledge of Bernie Sanders before this election cycle. Sanders has indeed revved up the Millennial left who are tired of establishment politics but up to now have beenprepared to passively accept Hillary as Barack Obama's successor. While Trump is somehow getting people to talk about things like a giant wall to keep out the Mexicans and some sort of program to prevent self-described Muslims from visiting the US, Sanders is forcing both voters and the media to talk about things like income inequality, a rigged economy, corrupt campaign finance regulations and a full-on political revolution.

Bernie Sanders has proven that he knows how to get liberals motivated.

Even if he can't win the democratic nomination, Senator Bernie Sanders has unquestionably introduced the most socialist agenda of any major presidential hopeful.

But the question remains: has he done enough to prevent a Donald Trump presidency?