Because of our culture's obsession with celebrities, any politician running for any office likes to take advantage of the spotlight a celebrity endorsement can bring them. Even politicians who genuinely want to discuss the issues must give the media at least a little bit of what they want to talk about —and the media loves to talk about who celebrities are voting for.

By all appearances, Bernie Sanders is a politician who is genuinely concerned about the issues. Regardless of your opinions on what Sanders calls "democratic socialism," it seems that his intentions are genuine, and that he really wants what's best for the United States.

As the Presidential primaries begin in less than a month, the Bernie Sanders campaign has released a list of artists that have thrown their support behind the Senator from Vermont. And several other celebrities have spoken up for Bernie Sanders on their own.

1 — Anne Rice:As you can see in the Facebook post below, the author of the Interview With A Vampire series has been talking about Sanders since at least September. Later, she posted: "I love Hillary, I really do, and never imagined I'd vote for anyone over her, but I'm seriously considering Bernie. Bernie strikes me as the person who could do it." Later that same day, she wrote a check to the Bernie Sanders campaign. If Sanders could get Stephanie Meyer on board, two generations of vampires could get behind him.

2 —Anonymous:Clearly on board with Sanders' attitude toward Wall Street, big banks, and the extremely wealthy, hackivist group and ISIS enemy Anonymous has come out in support of Sanders. They even made a list of ten reasons everyone should support Sanders on their website.

3— Killer Mike:Atlanta-based rapper and activist Killer Mike sat down in a barber shop with Bernie Sanders in one of the best interviews of this election cycle.

4 & 5 — Jesse Ventura & Henry Rollins:Ventura and Rollins have personalities that are anything but quiet. Although typically more libertarian-leaning in his politics, Jesse Ventura gave his endorsement of Sanders during this interview with the punk rocker and spoken-word artist. "I became a huge supporter of gay marriage when I was in pro wrestling," Ventura can be heard saying as they discuss their political views.

6 & 7 — Sarah Silverman & Patton Oswalt: Even if you're not familiar with either of these comedians by name, you would probably recognize them if you saw their faces. They're a part of the same comedy scene that includes Louis C.K., Zach Galifianakis, Bob Odenkirk, and David Cross.

8 — George Lopez:A comedian who is not at all a part of the same scene as those mentioned above, George Lopez is actively supporting Bernie Sanders as well. With an obvious appeal to the Latino demographic, Lopez can be seen using the hashtag #DaleBernie, "Go Bernie" in Spanish.

9 — James Sanders:Interesting mostly because it allows the phrase "Sanders Endorses Sanders," it's not a huge surprise that this State Senator from New York is supporting Bernie, even if Hillary Clinton still seems to be the favorite.

10-13 — Red Hot Chili Peppers:You know that there aren't any strong democratic candidates from California if the Red Hot Chili Peppers have collectively come out in support of a senator from Vermont. While the whole band was a part of the list published by the Sanders campaign, Flea summed up the band's position nicely:

14 & 15— Lil B & Bun B:For those unfamiliar with the hip-hop scene, Bun B is formerly part of UGK and released four solo albums between 2005 and 2013.

He endorsed Sanders on theHip-Hop For Bernie Sanders podcast. Lil B, on the other hand, has seen less commercial success. Rather, he gained popularity online, making a name for himself through outlets like MySpace and Facebook.