From building a wall to keep Mexicans out to forbidding self-professed Muslims from travelling to America, Donald Trump has already said a litany of outlandish things about which the rest of the Presidential candidates are expected to respond. And while candidates from both parties have had a lot to say about the billionaire real estate mogul, no one has been able to responds to Trump's barrage of politically incorrect statements as clearly, as cleverly, or as concisely as Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

As the 2016 election continues to draw near, candidates are constantly campaigning, taking every available opportunity to speak out about why they should be elected President of the United States of America.

Unfortunately for those candidates, the media is often more concerned with getting a good quote or sound clip than they are with asking about important political issues like the economy or the environment. From town hall meetings toThe Tonight Show, Bernie Sanders has given the media more than they could ask for in terms of quotes about Trump.

In no particular order, here are the top 10 quotes of Bernie Sanders when the topic of Donald Trump comes up.

  • "I don't know what his relationship with women has been like in his life, but he has discovered that women go to the bathroom. And it's been very upsetting for him."

  • "Here's a guy who's a billionaire who thinks wages in America are too high. He thinks we should not raise the minimum wage."

  • "On a personal level, please, give me the opportunity to defeat Donald Trump."

  • "What I say to those people who go to Trump's rallies, understand: he thinks a low minimum wage in America is a good idea."

  • "I think Donald Trump is a pathological liar."

  • "Trump comes along and what does he say? He says, 'You're angry and you're frustrated? It's that black guy there. That's the guy.'"

  • "And what somebody like a Trump is trying to do is to divide us up. A few months ago, we were supposed to hate Mexicans and he thinks they’re all criminals or rapists. Now we’re supposed to hate Muslims. That kind of crap isn’t going to work in the United States of America."

  • Larry Wilmore asks Senator Sanders, "If you take everything else away, you know what [Donald Trump] has that no one else has? Bernie Sanders' response:"Five billion bucks."

  • "I think that what Trump is doing is appealing to the baser instincts among us: xenophobia and, frankly, racism."
  • “What we are saying to the American people is, no, Donald Trump is not right. A Mexican worker making eight bucks an hour is not the reason why the middle class is disappearing."

As all current polling indicates, Bernie Sanders trails Hillary Clintonsignificantly as he campaigns for the Democratic Party's nomination for President of the United States. Donald Trump also has a significant lead over his closest opponent, Ted Cruz, in the race for the GOP nomination. The Presidential primary elections begin February 1st in Iowa.