So far in the 2016 election, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has been accused of possibly violating laws due to actions of his campaign. With the Texas primary set for March 1, Republicans are fighting over the 155 delegates at stake and Cruz is pulling no punches in his attempt at coming out a winner, as highlighted by The Young Turks and the Ring of Fire on Feb. 15.

Fake Texas checks

A new mailer has been sent out to registered voters in the Lone Star State, listing the Texas senator's official address with "Check Enclosed" written on the envelope. Inside contains a check made out to the Cruz campaign for $45 dollars, and asks the recipient to mail it back to participate in what is known as a "matching program."

A left-wing activist group in Texas, Progress Texas, has filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division, which the Cruz campaign could be charged with violating the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, which "requires businesses sending out fake checks to make sure people aren't tricked into sending money." In detail, the law demands that "SPECIMEN-NON-NEGOTIABLE" be visible in a minimum of 18-point lettering."We filed the complaint because no candidate is above the law, not even Ted Cruz," Progress Texas deputy director Phillip Martin said in a statement.

History of Cruz's "dirty tricks"

Shortly before the Iowa caucus earlier this month, the Cruz campaign sent out mailers claiming to be "official public record," which may be grounds for a violation of criminal law. Republican state Secretary of State Paul Pate was critical of Cruz, stating, "potential false representation is, in fact, a violation of criminal law."

On the night of the Iowa caucus, staffers with the Cruz campaign made calls to Ben Carson supporters, claiming the retired neurosurgeon had dropped out of the race in an attempt to gain votes. The Tea Party favorite Cruz ended up the winner in the Hawkeye State, but not without controversy. Republican front runner Donald Trump has since accused Cruz of cheating, threatening a possible lawsuit over his Canadian birth to challenge whether or not he is eligible to run for president. With the GOP candidates continuing to battle it out for the party's nomination, it's unknown how far they will go to walk out a winner.