Hillary Clinton's victory over Sen. Bernie Sanders was so close that in six separate caucus sites, a coin toss was used to decide the winner. In all six tosses, Clinton beat the statistical probability of 1.6 percent and won them all. Before she was declared the winner, a video was captured by C-SPAN on Feb. 1 that left many asking questions to the validity of the vote count.

Over 1,600 caucus sites were set up around the state of Iowa Monday night, as voters flocked to their local prescient to make their voice heard and cast their vote for who they believe is the best candidate.

At caucus site prescient #43 in Des Moines, Iowa, hosted at Roosevelt High School, Clinton campaign staffers have been accused ofnot reporting the proper countof supportersand misleading those in attendance.

Alleged voter fraud

Precinct captain Liz Buck and caucus chair Drew Gentsch are being accused of not reporting the "actual count of Clinton supporters and deliberately mislead caucus." As typically found in a caucus, multiple rounds of voting and head counts took place during the event, but as the numbers changed from round to round, red flags were raised. The incident was elaborated in greater detail on Reddit.

"It was assumed by the chair, Drew Gentsch, that the voter difference was due to a few people that left the building before the second round began.

The question is whether there were really 456 total people present for the second round of voting," the report said. "That was not clear, as Clinton's team did not perform a recount of ALL of the Hillary supporters during the second round of voting."

Local Democrats try to explain

In addition to possible voter fraud, the Sanders campaign accused the Democratic Party of not sending impartial staffers to 90 different caucus sites throughout the state.

The Sanders campaign believes that the data released was possibly mishandled, which led to aClinton victory.

The Iowa Democratic Party pushed back against the claim, stating, "the reports of precincts without chairs are inaccurate." "We are not taking results from the campaigns," the Iowa Democrats said, explaining, "We are taking them from the chairs who are in these precincts." With the News coming out, leaving many unanswered questions, the Sanders campaign is "still assessing” whether or not to ask for a recount.