WPTV.com (channel 5 NBC affiliate) reported a story about a Jupiter, Florida man in trouble for throwing an alligator into a restaurant. According to the mother of Joshua James, 24, her son is a prankster because he’s that kind of swell guy. James, is in hot water for tossing a 3.5 foot long alligator through a Wendy’s drive—thru.

Hehad ordered a drink before throwing the large reptile into the restaurant. Apparently, the alligator was just taking a Sunday stroll through town before James tossed it into his pickup truck.Channel 5 News asked James if he had anything to say to the Wendy’s employees.

He offered the following, "Yeah, I mean I'm sorry for what I did. I mean, you know, just being stupid, not thinking and obviously I found out what the consequences were and I've got to pay for them."

James said his pranking days are over. He referred to himself as an outdoor person who throws lizards, snakes or anything else he can catch. The court released him today on bond.

The judge ordered James to stay away from animals other than his mother’s dog. He must also pass drug screens, stay away from Wendy’s, not access any weapons, and seek a psychological evaluation. Authorities tracked him down through his Wendy’s receipt. His next court hearing is in March.

Protester throws pink dildo at New Zealand politician

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce may be a popular politician in New Zealand, but not everyone is a supporter. A female protester threw adildoat Joycean shouted “that's for raping our sovereignty.” Joyce didn’t seem to know what hit him until moments later. He grinned and shrugged off the incident.

He said it was part of the privilege of being a public servant.

Joyce graduated from Massey College with a B.S. in zoology. He is a self-made millionaire, who left a radio career for political aspirations. In 2008, he was appointed to the office of the Minister of Transportand the office of the Communications and Information Technology.

Before getting hit with the dildo, Joyce was discussing the latest news involving The Trans Pacific Partnership. The partnership is a multinational trade agreement involving New Zealand, America, Canada, and nine other countries.