William Powell: Height / Weight?

Anastasia Trump: 5’8, 143lbs.

WP: Describe your life growing up.

AT: Growing up my life was very mysterious due to being adventurous. Creative expression was my everyday charge in life. As a kid, I was neat, color-coordinated, stylish, and enjoyed dressing up and going out. I was a blessed child with a close family and a good moral upbringing.

WP: Describe your modeling experience; how did you start?

AT: I remember men and women always telling me “you could be a model” or “you should model." I was a young kid that believed I was born to be a super model.

So I first started modeling, trying out when I was maybe 17. Me and a girlfriend from high school went to Charlotte, North Carolina to an agency’s open auditions, which we actually made through to the end. Then on down the line we met a lady in Atlanta, Georgia that had just graduated from design school, and she was a designer and needed models to wear some of her clothes for a show. She had seen me, and she asked me to participate, and I jumped aboard.

WP: What type of modeling do you prefer (promo, runway, glam, fashion, urban, etc.)?

AT: I love all types of modeling. For me, I love the runway. I have long legs, and I love the catwalk. I also see myself definitely in promo, figure, glam and my favorite --high fashion modeling!

WP: Briefly describe a fun photo shoot that you were on.

AT: A fun photo shoot that I got to participate in was a Colgate commercial that was a campaign that came to our school. I loved it.

WP: Favorite model/inspiration?

AT:I actually have a few favorite models. My favorite is Naomi Campbell because she burns the catwalk. My other favorites include Iman, Gisele, Tyra Banks, and Kate Moss.

WP: How do you stay in shape? Do you have a routine, or is it easy to stay fit with your daily activities?

AT:Naturally my body is physically in shape. I also drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruits. I do 100 squats at night and 100 in the morning. I don’t do heavy workouts due to the fact that I don’t want to develop a muscular body tone.

WP: What is your favorite charity or cause?

AT:One of my favorite charities is cancer research. I had an aunt pass away from cancer and a brother who fought cancer and won. I also support the Ryan White foundation.

WP: Most rewarding moment or experience?

AT: My most rewarding moment or experience is coming out to family and friends. I hid away a beautiful person who has so much to offer. I love making people feel good about their fashion and about themselves.

WP: What vision do you have for yourself?

AT: Breaking out in the modeling world as a transgender woman would mean the world to me. Even though there are a few transgender models, personally, I want to bring a new fierceness, a new light and energy to it -- changing the world of modeling. I want to inspire the business and the modeling world to open up to a more worldly flavor. I'm truly pushing to become a true transgender super model that's my dream!