In Freeport, Bahamas— as drivers pass by the crash scene— they noticed what seemed to be a hysterical situation. In the background, you can see a wrecked SUV in an awkward position.

The airbags were deployed, and the truck was actually sitting atop a tree while the back wheels are still spinning. As the fellow citizens held the praising woman, she continued to rejoice in the fact that she walked away from the crash without injuries.

You can view the crash video in the Facebook post below.

So far, the crash video has gained over 17,000 likes, 4,000 comments,19,900 shares, and 1.1 million views.

And although the woman has a right to celebrate, the crash video has confused the public due to her SUV's crash position.

What Happened To Cause The Mysterious Crash?

From the passing angles, you don't see a platform of any kind that would show a logical involvement inthe vehicle's descending crash angle.

Yet, from the crash video, such anelement can'tbe seen from the recording. Nevertheless, the video was uploaded by user Darrol Stubbs Fenton. And as can be seen from the caption, he mentioned that "every praise is to our God!"

Interestingly enough, on Google Trends, this phrase— which is also the title of a song— is trending. As can be determined from the video, the woman is blessed to have been able to walk away from the crash site, uninjured.

Video Speculation

Amidthe video's comments, user K-Lynn Simeon explained to another user that the woman was speaking in French — possibly broken French or Creole. Verbatim, Simeonstated as follows.

"She is not on drug(s), she is saying Glory to God, thank you Lord in french, 'Gloire a Dieu, Merci Seigneur'."

As for the first part of her comment, she was addressing other commentators who were implyingthat the woman was probably on drugs and shouldn't have been driving.

There's no way to tell how or why the crash happened. For this, those particular comments were only speculation. However, you could see from the crash video that her praise was valid and understandable.The woman could've easily died in such a wreck.

Your Thoughts?

Sometimes, we forget that anything could happen at any time. Surely, this woman didn't wake up knowing that her SUV would do a nose-dive into a tree.

However, as can be seen, this woman probably has a new appreciation for life, right?

All in all, what do you think caused the woman to crash in such a peculiar way? Feel free to share your thoughts, as well as this article. Let your friends see how life can change in the blink of an eye.

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