Rob Nicholson, ex-mayor of Terry, Mississippi, found himself in an unexpected situation. When he was arrested in March 2015 for using city credit for personal use, prosecutors feltRob Nicholson had embezzled so much more.

WLBT - 3 News reports that Rob Nicholson's total-dollars-stolen allegedly accumulated to $32,000. For this, the 58-year-old ex-mayor was sentenced to 40 years and ordered to pay $7,000 in restitution, all for approximately $2,700 in charges. The source reports that Rob Nicholsonused the city's credit to make repairs on two of his vehicles, on five separate occasions.

Rob Nicholson's Reduced Sentence

Even though the ex-mayor initially received 40 years imprisonment, the source reports that 30 years were suspended due to a plea deal. However, a suspended sentence is just that — one that is in limbo, pending that no other charges arise.

So, essentially if there are no others, Rob Nicholson will serve 10 years behind bars. Generally, with good behavior, inmates receive some type of early probation of sorts.

However, that possibilityhasn't been confirmed asan option for ex-mayor Rob Nicholson. While he's in prison, taxpayers will be footing the bill for his time-incarcerated. Would it not have been easier to seize assets to recoup expenses or justfine him?

Other Alleged Charges Behind Rob Nicholson's Lengthy Sentence

Clarion-Ledger reports that ex-mayor Rob Nicholson actually was accused of a total of $59,421.27.

The source states that his fiscal allegations were as follows:

  • $32,165.68 - embezzlement and forgery
  • $3,852.13 - interest costs
  • $23,852.13 - Department of Audit recovery costs
  • $102 - bank records costs

While those were documented allegations from a demand letter sent by auditor Stacey Pickering, Rob Nicholson's mayor position was only part-time.

According to the source, Terry only holds a population of 1,100 residents. Nicholson made $600 per month, says Clarion-Ledger.

As for full-time employment, Rob was employed at Jackson-Evers International Airport— coincidentally where he was arrested.

Why wasn't he charged for theotherallegations as well? As states the source, Nicholson appeared in front of a Rankin County court for the $2,700 crime, which happened inside the county's limits.

This was included in the "embezzlement and forgery" charges. However, the other charges were outside the court's jurisdiction.

Is Ron Nicholson's Prison Sentence Fair, As Compared To Other Major Sentences?

So, let's say that something else arises and Nicholson gets the 30 years tacked on to the currently adjusted sentence. How is it that Rob Nicholson'ssentence is 20 years more than Jared Fogle's pending child crime imprisonment? According to New York Daily News, Jared is expected to receive between 15 to 23 years of prison time for his convictions.

According to Blasting News, Jared Fogle is a man who's abused kids and America's trust.

What's the contrast between Ron Nicholson and Jared?