After a prolonged search, the flight recorder (black box) of the Russian plane SU-24, brought down by the Turkish air force, has been found on Syrian territory.

Volunteers of the Russian publication Anna-News have participated in the search.

The black box was promptly brought delivered into the Russian Federation and presented to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, by the Defense Minister, Sergey Shoygu.

The President has ordered the Defense Minister to open the black box of SU-24, brought down by the Turkish air forces, only in the presence of international experts.

It should be noted that the Western press is mostly silent about the recovery of the black box from the crashed Russian plane. Only The Guardian has commented on this event.

Hence, the English-speaking community remains unaware of this fact, which is an indication of the influence of Western political forces.

On the other hand, all Russian media have commented on this event, followed by a strong response and extended discussions from the part of the social community.

Here are some comments from the social networks:

Damir Arslanov

"They do not care a straw, even if there were ten black boxes. They will say that it was planted or fabricated."

Aleksan Ayrapetyan

"Very good news! You can spit into a hypocrite’s face, and he will say it’s raining"

Dmitriy Bodrov

"The black box of the Turkish F16, which brought down the Russian bomber, should be brought to the Kremlin, together with the Turkish pilots."

Of course, given the tension between Turkey (a NATO member) and Russia, due to the Russian bomber, which was involved in the fight against ISIS at the border between Syria and Turkey, having been brought down by Turkish pursuit planes, such an event may act like a bomb, irrespective of what information will be recovered from the black box.

Should the black box confirm that the Russian plane did not cross the border and was above Syrian territory at the moment of the crash, the Aliance and its supporters will actively question the credibility of such information, as in the folk advice: “If you are caught with another woman, deny everything! Deny, even if it’s obvious!

It is only essential have to put on your pants in time!”

Russia, on the other hand, will go the whole way in this case and, most likely, will further escalate its conflict with Turkey. Putin will make use of this favorable situation and insist on the recognition of Turkey’s unlawful military actions by the UN Security Council, by presenting the obtained evidence.

What would happen if the black box confirms Turkey’s assertion that the Russian airplane did cross the border and, for a time, it overflew Turkish territory?

This will maintain the status quo of mutual accusations, which boil down to the following two positions:

  • Turkish representatives consider that Turkey was entitled to bring the destroy de bomber, since it should defend its territory.
  • The Russian side accuses Turkey of a deliberate provocation, given that SU-24 was on an anti-terrorist mission and did not have any aggressive intentions against the Turkish side.

Regardless of the outcome of opening the black box, this is a key moment in the history of Russian-Turkish relations.