Nintendo Wii U owners in need of a brand new game will not have to wait long. Typoman, a side-scrolling title by indie developer HeadUp Games, will be available on the Nintendo Wii U platform on September 16.HeadUp Games recently confirmed the game will come to Europe and North America via the Nintendo eShop, a proprietary marketplace for digital games and related downloads.Additionally, players who downloaded the game demo during an E3 promotion earlier this year will receive the final copy at 15% off.

Typoman features intense puzzle sequences and hours of platforming fun, encouraging the player to think of unconventional ways to reach the end-goal.

The game consists of a world where letters, words and phrases are literally scattered across the land. You play as an anonymous player trying to escape this bizarre environment, rearranging words to proceed successfully to the next area. For example, the player may stumble upon the word “Rain,” followed by a large lake that prevents you from passing through. You would subsequently find the letter “D” within the area and place it next to the aforementioned word to form “Drain.” At which point, the lake is automatically drained of all water.

Typoman works similarly to Limbo, an international hit that captivated gamers back in 2010. Its dark atmosphere and mature plot has evidently helped shape subsequent indie titles, with Typoman being the latest to hit video game consoles such as the Xbox platform.

In fact, HeadUp Games, which was founded in 2009, was responsible for publishing Limbo to various platforms, so it isn’t entirely surprising that they decided to explore the dark and surreal gameplay style a bit further.

Lastly, it should be noted that the vast majority of Wii U games are published by independent companies. Due to low hardware sales, indie publishers have found a home in Nintendo’s platform and enjoy less competition as a result of fewer big name releases.

The indie title was first introduced in August 2014 with a scheduled release date of 2015. Are you excited about adding Typoman to your collection?

Typoman official trailer: