The royal couple took a commercial flight to Canada to end their brief visit to the United States. Meghan Markle is a native of America and married Prince Harry in 2018. They appeared to be happier than ever when they landed but their son Archie was not with them. They were dressed casually.

While in the United States, the pair had attended a private Florida investment summit. JPMorgan in Miami sponsored it, and Harry spoke to the gathering. Meghan was present as a silent spectator. It happened to be the first joint appearance of the couple after the announcement of their royal exit.

Later, the two of them paid a visit to a university in Northern California. There they interacted with professors and various other academics.

E! Online says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been living with Archie in Canada. It was here she made a name for herself while working in the TV drama "Suits.” They had nurtured plans of having an establishment in North America. It would be like a second home. It seems they are also exploring options for a possible relocation to Los Angeles which is Meghan’s hometown.

Suitable work for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

When the couple announced their royal exit, they had made it clear that they would earn their own living and work towards financial independence. They had no other option because Buckingham Palace made it abundantly clear that Meghan and Harry can no longer lay claim to public funds.

However, they could get an allowance from Harry's father, Prince Charles.

E! Online makes a note of speculations about how the two of them would make their living.

On the face of it, they should not face many problems. Meghan is from the world of glitter and has useful contacts in the show business. The two of them have experience in public speaking that could come in handy.

There are indications that Harry is in touch with Oprah Winfrey on the subject of mental health. Harry and Meghan have some more options up their sleeve to earn their living and are believed to be in dialogue with concerned people. Incidentally, the royal exit takes effect this spring, but until then, they have to attend some royal duties. One of these is a program at Westminster Abbey on March 9 and The Queen wants them to join it.

Meghan Markle and her plans for Archie

According to The Cheatsheet, this year Meghan and Harry will celebrate Valentine’s Day away from the royal spotlight.

At present, they are occupying a fancy home on Vancouver Island. It seems Harry will use the special day to put his culinary skills to the test. They have been in Canada for the past few months and want to lead a more private life devoid of the glamour usually associated with the royals. They love to go for long walks on the island knowing that they are no paparazzi around. Their son Archie will soon have his first birthday, and his parents are relieved that he would not face the stress of being a part of the royal family. During their stay in England, Meghan had plans to go in for homeschooling Archie. The intention was to protect him from the glare of the spotlight. She now wants to put Archie in a nursery.

That will allow him to meet other kids and expand his reach.

Valentine's Day for Meghan Markle

This will be the third Valentine's Day for Meghan and Harry. The first was in 2018 before their wedding. At that time, Harry took his would-be bride Meghan Markle to Scotland where they visited the Edinburgh Castle. It was a new experience for the “Suits” actor because she was from America and the British set up was new to her. However, next year Harry was not with her on an all-important day. He had to attend a program of the Royal Marines in the Arctic and Meghan Markle was all alone on 2019 Valentine's Day.