Valentine's Day falls on February 14 but Prince Harry will be in the Arctic on that day and Meghan Markle will have to spend it without him. The Duke of Sussex holds an important position in the Royal Marines and will be attending the Exercise Clockwork on that day in the Arctic to "celebrate the 50th anniversary of the operation in Bardufoss, Norway." It is the call of duty and he will have to be away from the Duchess of Sussex.

Eonline explains the meaning of "Clockwork.” It is an annual winter exercise and started in 1969. The location is several miles inside the Arctic Circle in severe ice-filled environments.

The Kensington Palace says that thousands of men of the Royal Marines and Royal Navy have undergone this training which is a part of their growing up process.


The Duchess of Sussex will be on her own

Meghan Markle is in an advanced stage of her pregnancy and in view of her physical condition, she may not travel. The Kensington Palace indicated that under the circumstances, she would select her travel plans with care. Some of her plans are ready but Prince Harry could attend them only after his return from Norway where he will be for the day.

Eonline adds they were unable to spend last Valentine's Day together. Meghan Markle was at the time Prince Harry’s bride-to-be and the Prince had to join his father Prince Charles in London for an official event.

The occasion was to celebrate the 2018 International Year of the Reef in London. Obviously, Meghan had to accept the situation but they made up the loss during "Valentine's Week" by visiting Scotland. Later they went to a theater in London and surprised the cast.

The Royal couple have some programs lined up

According to Harpers Bazar, Valentine's Day is on February 14th and, as luck would have it, the Duke of Sussex will be involved on that day in a military training exercise in a distant place inside the Arctic Circle.

His activities will include meeting military service members on the base, interacting with aircrews and engineers, and familiarizing himself with various training procedures. Prince Harry has been in the army for 10 years. Of course, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex already have a few programs to attend to before the Duke leaves for his mission in the Arctic.

On February 1, they will be in Bristol to meet the people and get to know more about the city's cultural history. On February 7, they will attend an awards ceremony in London in support of wounded and injured war veterans. Incidentally, Prince Harry founded the Invictus Games to encourage injured and disabled war veterans and Meghan Markle was with him at the Games in Toronto.