Meghan Markle has always been in the news. She has stolen the limelight ever since she became a member of the British royal family after her wedding with Prince Harry. It was a marriage of two cultures and of two individuals from different strata of society. She was an American actor, he was a fighter pilot from the Royal Air Force who saw action in Afghanistan. They met, and after a whirlwind courtship, married. It was a global event and received wide media coverage. Meghan knew she would have to embrace a new lifestyle in keeping with royal expectations.

She did it with aplomb and won over others with ease. However, things are not working out the way she and Prince Harry would have liked.

Fox News says Meghan and Harry feel they are getting isolated from the rest of the royal family. She is a new mother and the strain adds to her problems. They also spoke out on various issues in a documentary. One of these was the negative press attention they had been receiving. Another was the widening gap between the brothers. The documentary happened after their royal tour in southern Africa.

They need time to sort things out

The entry of an American woman into the British royal family led to a dash of newness but, over a period, the novelty wore off.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex wanted to retain their individuality and they must have stepped on many toes. Meghan went through a period of readjustment but, gradually, they began to get isolated. With the birth of Archie, the problems multiplied. She must have remembered what her friends back home had said before she tied the knot.

They had cautioned that once she became a member of the royal family she would always be in the spotlight and might not be able to enjoy any privacy.

Fox News quotes one of the couple's friends as saying, “Everyone is hoping that they will come back from this break stronger than ever.” The logic is simple.

Once out of the spotlight, one can reassess the situation and prepare a strategy. Both Prince William and Prince Harry married commoners. William dated Kate for eight years, while Harry dated Meghan for hardly one year. The elder brother had cautioned his younger brother that their romance was moving too quickly. Prince William is the future king and it is natural that his visions might not match with those of Harry’s.

The break can do a world of good

According to People, there appears to be a mismatch in the frequencies of the two royal couples. Some see this as a fallout of the ITV documentary “Harry & Meghan: An African Journey.” Its filming was done during the royal tour of Harry and Meghan in Africa. They are now taking a six-week break, will not attend Christmas with the royal family but celebrate it with Meghan’s mother in the United States. This break could do them a world of good.