This is the true story of 39-year-old Candice O’Brien Beasley. She believes no one should have to go hungry, especially at Christmas. She hates to see lonely people and owns the Southern Diner in Ashland City, Tennessee. She began this unique service of free meals at Christmas for the lonely ones in 2013. It is now into its seventh year and this Good Samaritan has helped bring cheer to hundreds on this joyous occasion.

Daily Mail UK says she is now a mother of six, and she used to work as a waitress in her teens. She knows what it is like to be hungry and she used to see customers who would come in alone during festivals like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

That left an impression in her mind and she wanted to see happiness instead of the lonesome look. She felt people should enjoy festivals in the company of their families. That kept preying on her mind. When she opened the diner in Tennessee, she decided to help these people and the free meal scheme came up. Candice wanted to give something back to society to show her gratitude.

Nobody should be alone on Christmas Day

Candice O’Brien Beasley is aware of the fact that many people cannot afford food, let alone a lavish Christmas feast.

She wanted to change that because she knew “what it’s like to go without food, to have nothing in the house during holiday time or any time.” Therefore, she wanted to do the best for her community. Every year she would cook the dishes and she has gone up to 500 meals. She tries to be fully involved right from peeling the potatoes to boiling the vegetables.

Incidentally, most of the food items come as donations from the community. Volunteers handle the preparation and serving. The Southern Diner in Ashland City, Tennessee, also supplies box-up meals to about 300 people in the community.

Daily Mail UK mentions the volunteers.

A widow was one of the the first. She had come in 2013 and she was thrilled to join Candice. Another was a man who came in 2015 after he lost his wife. The first time he came for the food and later befriended some other widowers here. Later, they became volunteers.

She has set an example

According to The Digital Weekly, Candice O’Brien Beasley worked as a waiter in Nashville when she was a teenager. She observed people who would come in on vacation all alone. Normally, on such occasions, they should be with their families and the sight of lonely people at the tables worried her. She wanted to help them out and she had the chance when she started her own restaurant Southern Diner. It was in Ashland City, and she decided to give free meals to them during Christmas.

She set the ball in motion in 2013 and it has gained momentum over the past seven years. As the saying goes – "where there is a will, there is a way."

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