The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appear to be undecided on how and where they will spend Christmas. It seems they have informed the Queen that they would not attend the traditional royal gathering at Sandringham this year. This is in Norfolk where the monarch has her country estate. A section of observers interprets this as an indication of a gradually growing rift in the family. They quote the younger Prince Harry as saying, he and his brother were on “different paths at the moment.” Meghan and Harry have not disclosed their probable destination but one thing is certain – they want to spend Christmas away from other Royals.

Daily Mail UK speculates on a probable course of action of the royal couple. They will take a break of six weeks after Harry attends a Royal Albert Hall event. Subsequently, they could travel to the United States to spend Thanksgiving with Meghan’s mother Doria. Right now, possibilities of them being in Sandringham to enjoy the festivities is remote. Obviously, it will be a huge disappointment for the Queen and Prince Philip – both of them are in their 90s.

Harry has been a regular for Christmas at Sandringham

Sources in the know say Harry has invariably spent Christmas at the Queen's Norfolk home, except in 2012 when he was in Afghanistan.

After marriage, Meghan has joined him for the past two years. However, this year the duo will not be there. In the opinion of the source, their decision might not have any link to their son Archie but is probably related to their personal feelings. Meghan has an American background and being an actor had no difficulty in adjusting to the new lifestyle of the British royal family.

Daily Mail UK adds, she is close to only her mother. Therefore, Harry and Meghan could meet her in the course of their six-week break. He has always been supportive of his wife but things are just not falling in place.

It is all about recharging the batteries

According to Cosmopolitan UK, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry want to use the short break from royal duties to "recharge their batteries." Hence, they want to skip the traditional Christmas get together with the Queen at her Sandringham estate. Instead, they might have alternate ideas and want to maintain a distance from the pomp and glitter of usually associated with royal gatherings.

It will be the first Christmas for their son Archie and the family could remain at their Windsor home or go to Los Angles to be with Meghan's mother. That way they could celebrate Thanksgiving, which is a festival for Americans. It seems the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to use the break to decide on their plans and strategies for next year.

They are two different individuals, from two different walks of life. She was an actor and he was a fighter pilot. Together they wanted to ring in changes. In the process, they must have stepped on many toes and might be getting isolated.