Ginger colored hair is the popular topic of the day. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the WellChild Awards event. There Harry met 11-year-old Milly Sutherland and her mother Angela. It so happened that the girl also had ginger colored hair. Obviously, the two of them bonded well. Harry touched his thinning hair, and jokingly asked Milly “can I borrow some?” Milly was curious to know whether baby Archie also had red hair. The Duchess of Sussex who was present on the occasion confirmed that Archie was indeed also a red head.

Daily Mail UK elaborates on the WellChild Awards. Prince Harry has been attending it over a decade.

This year, he gave an emotional speech at the awards ceremony. The program is all about seriously ill young people and celebrates the inspiring qualities of some of them. Simultaneously, it salutes the people who go the extra mile to keep the children healthy and happy. This year, an 11-year-old girl Milly impressed Harry. She received the Most Caring Child Award for looking after her sister Sophie who suffered from Aicardi Syndrome and passed away last year.

Harry recollected some past moments

Milly’s mother Angela revealed to a section of the media about Meghan’s confirmation of the color of Archie’s hair.

The Duchess explained that when she took her son to the playschool, she noticed that the growth of Archie’s hair was like that of other boys of his age. Even his eyebrows were ginger-colored.

Daily Mail UK adds Prince Harry choked up on the stage in London while talking on the subject of becoming a father.

When he came to attend the event last year, Meghan accompanied him and she was pregnant at the time. On the subject of the awards he said – “They never fail to inspire me - but this year it resonates in a different way because now I'm a father.” At this point, he was overcome by emotion, choked back tears and stopped his speech.

He went on to mention the positives of the WellChild Awards because they extend protection to children who are unlucky to be born with immediate challenges or fall victims over a period.

Updates on Archie

According to Elle, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had an opportunity to share some crucial updates about their son Archie. He is now five months old and has made a start to interact with other kids in the playschool. Moreover, he also sports reddish hair like his father. The baby had an opportunity to Travel and get a feel of the world around him during the tour of southern Africa with his parents. To ensure his well-being, Meghan stayed back with him in South Africa instead of joining Harry on his own travels.

Archie has an American mother and a British father and he will grow up enjoying the best of both the worlds.

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