The annual Notting Hill Carnival in London attracts thousands of people who arrive to participate in the annual two-day event. It is an occasion to celebrate London's Caribbean community and its heritage. In view of the size of the gathering, the police have strengthened their force and have arrested many people on various charges. These include assault on police officers, offenses related to drugs, possession of offensive weapons and offenses against women. There were instances of injuries to police officers on the first day of the carnival.

Sky News says such incidents happen in large gatherings and this year the police have increased the number of screening arches.

These can detect weapons and has helped check their entry into the areas of festivity. On a rough estimate, there would be almost 12,500 police officers and some 1,000 stewards present at the carnival. The event started in 1966 and for at least four decades, it was on the late August bank holiday.

Carnival goes on in spite of the heat

The high temperatures that are prevailing in Britain have led to physical discomfort like dehydration among a section of carnival goers. The number of people who Travel from far-off places to descend on the city of London during the Notting Hill Carnival could cross the million mark.

The authorities are advising them to ensure safety from the heat. Heathrow faced a temperature of 92F on Sunday. Incidentally, the organizers have arranged for a 72-second silence in memory of those who lost their lives in the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. The tower block where the fire took place is in the proximity of the parade route.

Sky News mentions about a touch of green in the 2019 carnival.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have announced this. There will be five-hundred new environment-friendly compostable toilets positioned at vantage points. In addition, there will be a whole lot of water points, which could save thousands of bottles of water. Moreover, some street vendors have agreed to recycle their food waste.

The law wants to ensure safety

According to The Sun UK, the police have already arrested 100 people on different charges that could have led to unpleasant situations. Some of these arrests could be preventive in nature. The police have been given extra powers to stop and search people who are arriving to attend the Notting Hill Carnival. This is because of "incidents of violence" that London has witnessed in recent days.

Scotland Yard said a number of officers were injured and needed medical attention. There have been several instances in the past of violence in crowded places across the globe. Police agencies are aware of the need to have a thorough check in order to weed out possible mischief-makers. The law is geared up to nip trouble in the bud.