The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have always been outspoken on issues related to the environment. They talk about doing more to protect the planet and about the dangerous impact of climate change. In fact, Prince Harry has gone to the extent of revealing, to a section of the media that he and Meghan want to have only two children for the benefit of the environment. Hence, some people have heaped criticism on them for using private jets to vacation. The logic appears to be strange because jets are the normal means of traveling in the world of today. They could have used regular commercial airlines but that would have denied them privacy and security.

Express UK reports Merkle was an American actress and married Prince Harry in 2018 after a fairytale romance. They have a huge fan following who felt left out of the christening of their son Archie Harrison. That feeling probably found expression in their criticism of the use of jets for vacations. Anyway, the royal couple will be moving out of the country to take up more responsibilities.

Celebrities defend the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have always expressed their unwillingness to walk the beaten path. Before marriage, Meghan was an American actor and Harry was an Apache helicopter pilot for the Royal AF.

They met through a common friend and the rest is history. The American entered a new phase in her life and won over members of the British family. Her fan following kept growing but, a few of her decisions stumped her fans. One of these followed the birth of her child, and then his christening. The fans wanted to be a part of these celebrations and did not get the opportunity.

Express UK adds the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stay at Frogmore Cottage. Funds for its renovation came from British taxpayers.

Hence, fans felt the royal couple should not have kept the events of the birth and christening as private. The royals are certainly “not ordinary citizens” and need “privacy” while on holiday and Celebrities who speak in their favor say the attacks on them were unfair. In the opinion of Jameela Jamil, who was featured on Meghan’s Vogue cover, the safety of the public could be at stake in the event that they traveled on commercial flights. She explains that celebrities could be prime targets for untoward incidents.

Meghan and Harry used private jets on holiday

According to CNN, Jessica Mulroney is a well-known Canadian stylist. She is also a friend of Meghan Markle and her children were members of the bridal party for Harry and Meghan's 2018 wedding.

Jessica has taken to task those who have criticized the royal couple for using private jets to holiday in the south of France and Ibiza. Both the trips were just days apart. Singer Sir Elton John referred to media reports of the royal couple's trip to Nice as being "distorted and malicious." The singer is a friend of the family. He clarified he had financed the private jet for security reasons and added that he had donated to an environmental charity.

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