There is always mystery surrounding everything about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Rumors are floating around that the royal couple plans to gift a sibling to Archie. Both of them are secretive about their activities and plans. Whatever little comes out is because of some insiders who release tiny tidbits. One of these is about their plans to extend the family because Archie is just three months old and Harry’s elder brother Prince William has already shown the way. He and Kate welcomed their second child within two years.

Express UK reports about the busy schedule ahead for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

They are due to proceed on an official visit to Africa. Rumormongers believe there could be some happy announcement when they return. Whatever it is, the royal couple probably wants to groom Archie to get into the role of a big brother. Meghan and Harry are gradually settling down into a family life away from the hustle and bustle of royal frills.

Meghan and Harry want a big family

An insider reveals that Meghan and Harry would like to have a "big family." The insider is Royal author Katie Nicholl. She is cautious about the prospect of Archie getting a sibling but admits that the royal couple is "loving parenthood." In her opinion, there could be some announcement to that effect probably next year.

Express UK goes on to add that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been firm on ensuring adequate privacy for their son. They do not want him to be in the glare of the spotlight even though Meghan and Harry hold a prominent position within the Royal Family.

They came under fire for the secrecy over the christening of Archie as well as keeping the identities of his godparents secret. Incidentally, their identities will be in the public record at Windsor Castle, hence historians will have access to it. The fact is it cannot remain a secret forever because someone might reveal it by accident or by design.

They might be planning for baby number two

According to The Sun UK, Meghan and Harry welcomed Archie just over eight weeks ago and could be already thinking about an addition to the family in terms of baby number two. A media report dropped hints that they are "loving parenthood" and might present Archie with a sibling soon. Both of them have been different from the run-of-the-mill royals. They have insisted on living their lives independently and have won the hearts of the people, wherever they have gone. Meghan was an American actor, Harry was a fighter pilot, and their wedding drew global attention. Once Meghan became a member of the royal household, she adapted to a new lifestyle. Today, she is a mother who wants to bring up her son as an ordinary citizen.

Rumors about baby number two will remain as a rumor until such time there is an official confirmation.

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