The people of Venice are at their wit's end. They face the possibility of damage to the environment because of an unprecedented influx of Tourists as the city is a favorite Travel destination. They arrive in cruise ships that are harmful to the fragile lagoon and their regular presence there could lead to an ecological disaster. Italy’s main conservation group Italia Nostra (Our Italy) is concerned and wants the United Nations to intervene. The mission of the group is to defend Italy's cultural and natural heritage. It wants the UN to add Venice to the list of endangered cities and to impose a ban on ships entering the lagoon.

Daily Mail UK reports that concerns arose after a June 2 collision between a cruise ship with a dock and a tourist boat in Venice. Some people suffered injuries and it rekindled a need to protect the historic city. Millions of tourists arrive every year to the city to enjoy the sights and let down their hair.

Geographical constraints for Venice

The June 2 incident happened when a fully loaded cruise ship collided with a small boat. This led to a renewed demand for bans on large ships. There could have been a more serious accident and it is necessary to pre-empt this type of issue.

Tourists should be safe to enjoy their stay, not be in hospitals. Hence, the authorities must take suitable action to ensure the safety of people and boats. The basic objective of all concerned should be to prevent avoidable accidents.

Daily Mail UK describes the existing system.

The entry of large cruise ships to the lagoon is via one of the three points that connect it to the Adriatic Sea. Italia Nostra says these give rise to huge waves that damage historic buildings. One solution would be to build a separate port for big ships at a suitable point where the Adriatic meets the lagoon. UNESCO has already recognized Venice and its lagoon as a World Heritage Site.

However, tourism has increased rapidly. This, coupled with several other factors are threatening the very survival of the city.

Venice wants help of the United Nations

According to Cyprus Mail, Venice wants to protect the city and its attractions, which are under threat due to a number of reasons. One of these is an influx of tourists. This is good for the economy but bad for the environment and the ecology. They land up in large ships and endanger smaller boats in the lagoon. There has already been one such instance. Therefore, the city wants the United Nations to play a more important role by including it in the danger list. An action of this nature will compel the authorities to introduce more safeguards that will benefit the city.