Tiffani Adams had a harrowing experience on board a 90-minute Air Canada flight from Quebec to Toronto when she was forced to spend hours inside the plane in darkness. She had fallen asleep and when the plane arrived in Toronto, the crew packed up and left. The aircraft was in a corner of the airport, parked for the night. When Tiffani woke up, she discovered that she was all alone inside the locked aircraft.

Independent UK reports that It was pitch dark and Tiffani Adams had to feel her way about the airplane. She provided details on social media via Air Canada's Facebook page revealing the mental stress and agony she had to go through for hours before she was discovered.

The ordeal of Tiffani Adams

Tiffani Adams described the details of her ordeal on board the Air Canada flight from Quebec to Toronto. It was a night flight and she probably fell asleep soon after the flight took off. There was only a handful of passengers on the flight and when she woke up after midnight, she discovered her predicament. The flight had landed quite some time back and she was still strapped in her seat. There was darkness all around her and it was freezing cold. She called a friend but was unable to complete the call because her cellphone was dead.

She tried to charge it but there was no power on the plane since supply had been disconnected.

Independent UK goes on to add that the situation was like a nightmare for Tiffani Adams.

She suffered was panicking but knew she had to find a way out on her own and began looking for a flashlight. She was lucky to find a one in the plane’s cockpit and came to the aircraft’s main door. When she opened it, she was in for more shock because it was a steep drop to the ground. She realized her condition and used the flashlight to send out distress signals and, fortunately, a man driving a luggage cart saw the signals.

The Good Samaritan was an employee of Toronto airport. He arranged for a ladder to rescue her and later accompanied Tiffani to the airport building, where reps of the Air Canada met her.

Lessons from Tiffani Adams’ narrative

According to Daily Mail UK, Tiffani Adams was a mother of two and fell asleep on a short-haul flight. It was a nightmarish experience for her when her 90-minute journey from Quebec to Toronto ended in a several-hour ordeal. However, she used her ingenuity to emerge unscathed and Air Canada authorities met her at Toronto airport terminal. They offered her a limousine ride to a hotel room for the night. There are a few lessons to be learned from this incident. Firstly, the aircrew must ensure that there is never anyone left behind on a plane, especially when it is the last flight of the day. Passengers should also try to avoid falling asleep when they embark on short flights and always keep their mobile phone charged.