Kamakura in Japan is a major Travel destination, located about 19 miles southwest of Yokohama. Its main attractions are the temples and beaches. Street Food is very popular all over the world and Kamakura is no exception because it offers a wide variety of food to delight the palate. However, it adds to associated issues of spilled food when one is on the move munching the goodies. The attraction of street food lies in the fact that it is prepared in front of the customer and not in the kitchen. The packaging can lead to spills, which can attract animals and result in dirty clothes and surroundings.

CNN reports that to curb this, the authorities have issued an ordinance and given wide publicity by posting it in public areas. It was issued In April, and by this official ordinance, visitors are asked not to eat while walking. The intention is to create awareness among the people rather than impose penalties.

The philosophy behind this ordinance

Spilling food is, in the opinion of many Japanese, bad manners. They believe that food is something sacred and one should not indulge in other activities like walking while eating. It means a lack of appreciation for food. Some trace the origin to World War II when food was not easy to come by. Hence, it had to be treasured, not treated casually.

CNN goes on to add that Komachi-dori is not just a busy street in Kamakura, but is also a commercial area with plenty of street food outlets.

It sees thousands of people on the street every day and it is not difficult to imagine the resultant chaos. Obviously, the possibility of spilling food increases with people literally rubbing shoulders with each other.

Incidentally, an issue of this nature is not unique to Japan. In Florence in Italy, the city center has imposed a ban on eating outside.

It is not only about hygiene but also affects the smooth flow of people on the pavements. There are provisions for steep penalties. Bangkok has a similar problem and has to find a solution.

Efforts to stop littering

According to Times Now News, litter has become a common sight on the streets of the city of Kamakura, in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture.

The city is a travel destination famous for its giant Buddha statue. Komachi-dori is a busy commercial street here and tourists flock here to taste the street foods on offer. These generate unwanted trash from packaging and leftover food and create a nuisance by attracting stray animals. The authorities want the tourists but not the mess. Hence, they have requested tourists to stop eating while walking. There are no fines or citations for violation of the request and the decision is quite in order because tourists bring in revenue and they cannot be offended.