Meghan Markle naturally has a soft spot for California. Prince Harry also loves the United States because he engaged in some Army time at a helicopter-training base in the state. Now, it seems that Meghan’s brother Thomas feels his pregnant sister will want to have a home of her own in the city of Los Angeles.

Express UK reports that the logic of Thomas is simple. In his opinion, once a child grows up with a beach in the background, there will be a desire to return to those roots. It will always be uppermost in the mind. Moreover, Meghan Markle was a part of Hollywood and grew up in such an environment.

As her brother says, “It is really easy to fall in love with the California lifestyle.” He believes Meghan’s upbringing could reflect in the way she brings up her child in London and in the end, could persuade Prince Harry to settle down in Los Angeles.

The dreams of Thomas Markle Jr

Meghan Markle’s brother Thomas is in his 50s and it seems he still associates his sister Meghan with her childhood rather than as a member of the royal family. He expects Meghan to take her baby to all the jaunts she used to visit in her childhood.

He is believed to have spoken about this in a US TV special and made mention of the favorite spots she loved to visit during her growing-up years. He also talked about snippets of her lifestyle like outings to the beach.

From what Express UK says, it appears Thomas Markle Jr wants his sister to remember the days before her marriage and opt to have another establishment in America.

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No one knows Meghan’s views on this. She lives in a world of her own and has her priorities defined as a member of the royal family. Once she becomes a mother and settles down to a new chapter in her life, she could think about her connections in California.

Citizenship of Baby Sussex

According to Independent UK, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are yet to become parents but there is some curiosity about the citizenship status of Baby Sussex.

The child can claim dual citizenship because its father is a UK national while the mother is a US citizen. As per provisions of the current law, the parents can apply for dual citizenship for their child.

Since Baby Sussex is the child of Prince Harry, it will automatically be a British citizen. The child also fulfills the criterion for US citizenship from the mother’s side. Meghan Markle relocated to London in 2017 and married in May 2018. Of course, she does not become a British citizen automatically because there is a waiting period involved. The Independent cited a royal expert as saying that the royal baby will make history because it will be the first "Anglo-American" to be born into the royal family. No one in royal history has had an American mother.