The Duchess of Sussex is in an advanced stage of pregnancy and such women usually try to avoid long journeys. However, Meghan Markle appears to love hectic schedules and her recent activities are proof that she is serious about this aspect. She and Prince Harry flew in to Morocco from London and then on to the Atlas Mountains to champion a charity on universal education opportunities for women. She has her own ideas on issues like gender equality and universal education opportunities for women. Her intentions are to improve a lot of women through female empowerment.

Harpers Bazar reports HRH the Duchess of Sussex is in august company because her husband Prince Harry is already involved in extending support to many humanitarian groups. In Morocco, the royal couple had nine engagements lined up and with Meghan beside him, he was careful to ensure that she is comfortable.

Issues close to Meghan’s heart

Meghan Markle visited a small town.

It was Asni and she interacted with officials of a charity that extends opportunities to girls from rural parts to pursue education. The aim is to achieve universal literacy because only then can a country prosper. Her objective is to make education available to the girls. In her words - “It’s important that every girl has access to further and higher education.” Harpers Bazar says in order to have a better understanding of various problems, Meghan had brought with her a set of questions in French.

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She used these to gather information from the girl students.

Incidentally, HRH the Duchess of Sussex has been on a number of foreign tours and she tries to promote humanitarian issues whenever she gets a chance. Her entry into the British Royal Family has been a blessing in disguise for her philanthropic bent of mind and she is serious about it because work of this nature can help change the perception of society.

Prince Harry is always protecting Meghan

The visit to Morocco revealed the protective nature of Prince Harry as far as his dear wife is concerned. According to Mirror UK, the Duke of Sussex sprang into action when a Moroccan TV photographer tried to get close to the Duchess for a better shot. In the process, the man appeared to hit a child on the head with his equipment. Harry intervened and expressed his displeasure and the cameraman got the message. Harry later checked on the girl for any injuries and consoled her.

In another incident, the royal couple tasted some local Moroccan cuisine and it amounted to a break in tradition because they are not supposed to succumb to such temptations. Harry and Meghan also met Morocco's King Mohammed VI at his private residence surrounded by his immediate family.