This is the story of a caravan woman who was pregnant and decided to cross over illegally into the US by scaling the border wall to give birth to her baby. She is a 19-year-old from Honduras and was seven months pregnant when she left her home. Her husband and their three-year-old son were with her and they traveled more than 2,000 miles to arrive at the US-Mexico border in San Diego.

Fox News reports that once the migrants reached the makeshift camp at the border, they decided to scale the wall. They wanted to avoid waiting because the authorities were processing about 100 per day and the queue was long.

Moreover, she was not in a condition to wait. When they finally landed in US territory, Border Patrol agents shifted her to a local hospital in San Diego where her son was born.

Troops will remain at the border

President Donald Trump wants to put a stop to the entry of migrants into the US. In his opinion, a large number of people in the caravan were hardened criminals with evil intentions. Already, 5,600 troops are dispatched to the borders of Texas, Arizona, and California and their mission would have ended on December 15. Defense Secretary James Mattis has now said the troops would remain until early 2019. A section of them is helping the Border Patrol police. They are engaged in reinforcing portions of the wall, which is nearing completion.

Last month, the US-Mexico Border Wall was embroiled in a controversy, when federal agents fired tear gas on hundreds of migrants. Several high-ranking Democrats had raised the issue and put the blame on the White House.

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However, the Department of Homeland Security came up with data to show that the use of tear gas at the US-Mexico border was not new. There have been such instances in the past under Obama as well.

Migrants at the border

According to Time, the composition of migrants has changed. Earlier, they were predominantly Mexican men who resorted to illegal crossing to evade capture.

However, nowadays, they are mostly from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras and they come with families. They perceive America as a land of plenty and want an opportunity to live in peace.

Incidentally, the number of Border Patrol arrests in November was more when compared to the previous year and a majority of them were families and children. The administration should treat this as a humanitarian issue. Donald Trump had included illegal immigration as a top priority item in his agenda during his election campaign. The intention was to check entry of illegal migrants who were criminals like drug smugglers. However, the scenario appears to have changed and there could be a review of the policy.