It is customary for the First Lady to visit children in hospitals during the festive period. Therefore, melania trump went to a children’s hospital in Washington. It was the part of the Children’s National Health System and she spent time at the neonatal intensive care unit. She also interacted with families and children there because many of them might be away from home during Christmas.

Express UK reports former first lady Michelle Obama made a trip of her own to a hospital in Colorado. There she danced with the children along with Santa Claus.

She read “The Night Before Christmas” and won the heart of the crowd. She did not know how to do the “the floss.” It is a popular dance and one of the patients showed her the moves. The crowd loved the way she mingled with the children and her trip overshadowed the one of Melania Trump.

How Melania went about the job

The age of the children Melania Trump met ranged from 16 months to six years and all of them were premature babies and underweight. She read “Oliver the Ornament” to a section of these kids who were destined to spend their Christmas in hospital. She engaged in small talk with them to keep their spirits high.

However, her public image has taken a beating in recent weeks.

In fact, it has been going downhill and has plummeted over the last two months. It was 54 percent in October and a new poll shows it has dropped to 43 just percent. Analysis of the poll reveals a significant trend - liberals and white college-graduates are responsible for the biggest drop. Her popularity was at 57 percent in May.

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In contrast, the popularity of Michelle Obama has shot up, thanks to the release of her memoir “Becoming” and her national book tour. Michelle’s ability to mix with the people and become one with them is also her asset.

The drop in popularity for First Lady

According to CNN, the popularity of Melania Trump has shown a downward trend.

It stood at 54 percent in October, and within two months, it has slipped to 43 percent. Incidentally, it was at a high of 57 percent in early May of this year. That was after her first official State Dinner in late April. It was a sort of public appearance for her. Of late, her visibility has improved. She accompanied President Donald Trump to important events and was vocal on sensitive issues.

The broad revelations of the poll are that her strongest supporters are older, white, male Republicans and conservatives. However, women, mainly young, and those who are college-educated feel otherwise. An independent research company conducted the poll from December 6-9 and the sample size was 1,015.