The facial mask designed by a fashion and cosmetics firm in South Korea has a face that resembles that of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. The firm describes it as a "unification moisture nuclear mask." It came on the market in June and has already sold more than 25,000 pieces. It seems these are special masks and contain mineral water from a specific mountain in north korea. The name of this mountain is Mount Paektu, which, as per Korean mythology has religious undertones. It is a sacred, active volcano and Koreans consider it as the birthplace of Dangun who founded the first Korean kingdom thousands of years ago.

BBC reports that many stores in South Korea have halted the sale of these facial masks to honor the sentiments of the public. Some see it as glorifying a leader whose regime has committed human rights abuses, for which the United Nations heaped criticism.

Koreans are trying to build bridges

North and South Korea are still technically at war. However, 2018 saw them trying to build bridges and come closer. North Korea participated in the Winter Olympics and Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in met to discuss denuclearization, which will reduce threats of a nuclear faceoff in the Korean peninsula.

Even now, the South considers it illegal to speak in favor of the North but things could change.

The facial masks were popular and many South Koreans posted pictures of themselves on social media with the masks but the picture has changed, and the shelves are empty. The general feeling appears to be one of confusion.

The South always felt the North was a major threat and looks at its leader Kim Jong-un as a person intent on disrupting world peace. However, he and Moon Jae-in will have to sink their differences and work as one to ensure lasting peace in the region.

Reunification of Korea

ABC AU adds that the facial masks were a hit on social media, but many of the stores have withdrawn them from their shelves after backlash from certain quarters.

In the opinion of critics, these masks were trying to soften the image of the regime of Kim Jong-un. The chief executive of the firm that brought the mask to the market has a positive frame of mind. She admitted to a section of the media that this was her way of celebrating the inter-Korean summits. She went on to add that the company views this as a social activity. There are talks of building a railway that will connect the two Koreas. Her company will donate a part of its profits from the sale of masks to this noble cause.

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