Most people already know about our president, Donald Trump’s past, however, they tend to overlook the fact that he has a soft side and is human too. Today is Mother’s Day, as the world celebrated mothers everywhere for their contributions to their lives, so did President Trump, only his mother passed on August 7, 2000. He has been criticized relentlessly on his standing with immigrants, such as those from Mexico and Syria because his mother originally immigrated from Scotland. She set sail from Scotland on May 2, 1930. Donald Trump’s father and mother met at a dance and later married and had five children together: Maryanne, Frederick Jr, Elizabeth, Robert, and Donald.

Mrs. Trump’s contributions

Mrs. Trump wasn’t just your average rich housewife though, although Donald’s father Fred did make a hefty salary even in the early days, approximately over $80,000 per year in 2016, according to the New Yorker, she wasn’t someone to brag. She carried herself with dignity and finesse and was respected by many and regarded by the former vice president of the Trump Organization, Louise Sunshine, as “A very strong woman,” and by President Trump as a “phenomenal woman,” according to Politico.

Mrs. Trump was very philanthropic and worked with many different non-profits, including the Boy Scouts, Salvation Army, and Lighthouse for the Blind. She even worked with the Women’s Auxiliary of Jamaica Hospital.

She and her husband, Fred, donated money to multiple causes generously. Later, her son, Donald Trump would follow in the role of a philanthropist, donating to all sorts of causes and even opening his own college and the Donald J. Trump Foundation. In 1999, according to Forbes, Trump was worth over $1.6 billion. His family and associates, as well as legal documentation, have backed him up on the fact that he donated over $102 million from 2009-2014, according to an article also by The New Yorker.

Happy Mother’s Day Mrs. Trump

Today, as we celebrate our mothers, let's remember to celebrate all mothers, even ones of people we don’t particularly like or agree with. President Donald Trump, although not popular to some, is still a man. A man with emotions, just like the rest of us. Let’s look back on his mother’s life with respect for the wonderful, strong woman that she was and celebrate her life with the Trump family. Happy Mother’s Day Mrs. Mary Macleod Trump. Much respect to you for all your contributions to the United States.