Winter makes many want to hibernate and stay warm, leaving many inactive. Due to being inactive, there are a few pounds that people wish would disappear. Now that winter has left, it’s time to get moving and motivated. Finding that right workout routine to get you back into the shape you want can be hard or cost a fortune, but hopefully, this can help a little while you make up your mind.

There are Apps that are available to help assist and motivate you according to your style. Why pay a fortune for a workout DVD when you can have the free apps available on your phone?

For the Android users

The first app is Firtcracy. It is available on GooglePlay. This app helps motivate you by making fitness into a game. You get a reward for working out.

If the game style isn’t you because running or riding your bike is your style, that is okay, there is an app for that too. Strava Running and Cycling helps you track your fitness and can also be found on GooglePlay.

Cnet informs us that if you have at least seven minutes to workout, Nike+ Training Club is the app for you. There are over 100 workouts with the option to set your limitations and even pick your own playlist.

For iPhone users

MyFitnessPal is available. You are able to log what you eat through the app’s database since it contains over 6 million different types of foods available.

By adding in what you eat, the app suggests the workout plan you should choose.

Nike+Club is also available for those with iPhones. There are different types of categories you can choose from such as “Get Lean, Get Strong, and Get Focused” claims iPhone Life.

How about some music that beats to your heart rate? RockMyRun is what that does.

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Out of 1,000 different types of music, it is able to sync to your body and play music that matches your heartbeat. There is a free trial available but once that free trial is over, expect some subscription prices.

7 Minute Workout is also available. With jumping jacks, crunches, step-ups, squats, and push-ups, this app is made to help you reach your goal.

The best part is no internet connection is needed to make this app work. If you have an Apple Watch, this app is even available for use from your wrist.

The idea of fitting into that cute little bathing suit this summer is on the mind and getting there takes determination. These apps are available to help those who want that little extra motivation. Doing some research will help you find the right app to fit your lifestyle. Do not forget, there are watches that have been made that will work well with the fitness apps such as the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro for Android users and the Apple Watch for iPhone users.