It is springtime which means flowers and rain. It also means it is time to get out homes back into tip-top shape since most of us have hibernated during the winter. Spring cleaning can help a person feel like they have a fresh start for the year.

There are some hacks that make it easy to do most types of household cleaning. Read on for six helpful hints.

1) Water stains and lemon juice

Does your faucet show water marks or stains? Grab a lemon, cut it in half, and then rub it all over the facet. The acid in the lemon helps remove those nasty watermarks leaving you with a shiny faucet.

With the other half of that, you can stick it into a bowl of water and microwave it for three minutes. After letting it sit for five minutes in the microwave once it is done, the steam and acid will help reduce the amount of elbow grease needed to clean your microwave. It should just wipe right off.

2) Cinnamon on carpet

Vacuuming is a way to make your house smell cleaner, especially when you sprinkle cinnamon on top of your carpet first. Cinnamon happens to be an odor-eater like baking soda which can help you get rid of those odors you cannot stand. It can be done to your mattress as well. Sprinkle it on, leave it for five hours and then vacuum it up.

3) Writing on the walls

Many people have the urge to wet a rag when trying to wash off marks made by a child on the wall.

Doing so only smears the colors, creating a bigger mess. Instead, grab a microfiber cloth and rub away. Make sure not to wet the microfiber cloth. If this procedure does not work, there is always Magic Eraser.

4) Do you have a pet that sheds?

This is a wonderful hack to help reduce the amount of hair that could be shed in your home by your animal.

Grab a dishwashing glove (make sure it’s rubber) and rub your animal all over. Doing so helps create a static electricity charge causing the hair to stick to the glove instead of falling off onto the floor.

5) Vodka a cleaner?

Many people suffer from mold and mildew in their showers. Some people cannot take the fumes of bleach and other cleaning chemicals to get it off.

Put some vodka into a spray bottle and spray the areas needed, then let it sit for about 10 minutes. Wipe the areas of mildew and mold with a sponge.

6) Washing machines

Washing Machines have to be cleaned periodically too. Springtime happens to be the best time to do it. Get a dishwasher tablet and drop it into the washing machine and then allow it to run through the washing process. Doing so helps kill any bacteria that could possibly be lingering around while also getting rid of any limescale deposits.