A new study conducted by researchers at the University of California has revealed that moderate Alcohol Consumption is actually good for increasing the lifespan of an individual. The research team led by Neurologist Claudia Kawas found that people who live for 90 or older often consume alcohol moderately.

Drink a little to live longer

The researchers have been analyzing the lifestyle habits of people who live until their 90s since 2003. During the research, the University of California team conducted a survey of people who live past 90 and asked them about their dietary habits, medical history, and daily physical activities.

Ultimately, Claudia's team gathered information on the habits of 1,700 people aged between 90-99.

Last week, during the annual meeting of American Association for the Advancement of Science, Claudia revealed that drinking two glasses of beers or wines was linked to decreasing risk of dying prematurely by 18 percent. However, the researcher did not explain the direct links which connect increased lifespan and alcohol consumption.

Even though the researcher did not have any concrete evidence to connect longevity and alcohol consumption, he assured that there is something special in moderate drinking which increases the lifespan of an individual.

It should be also noted that moderate drinking was not the only habit which was found common among these people with extended longevity.

These people who lived past 90 followed a healthy diet, used to do regular exercise, and also engaged in a hobby. On the other hand, some people lived past 90, and all the credit goes to their genetic makeup.

As per this new study, people who spend at least two hours a day om a hobby were 21 percent less likely to face premature death.

Engaging in physical activities for 15 to 45 minutes in a day also reduced the risk of premature death by 11 percent.

Alcohol also flushes toxins out of your brain

Recently, another study conducted by a team of scientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) has found that a little alcohol consumption may help to flush out brain toxins.

The study report published in Journal Scientific Reports revealed that moderate alcohol consumption will reduce the inflammation in the brain which will, in turn, flush out toxins including beta-amyloid and tau proteins.

Even though moderate consumption of alcohol has its own benefits, experts never recommend a person to drink alcohol if he has not started that habit, as in the worse case, it may result in alcohol addiction and abuse.