Planning a last minute Spring Break vacation but are not sure where to go? No problem! According to the Miami Patch online, Florida is ranked the top spring break destination of the year with so many places to visit in the Sunshine State. Among the most popular places were Miami, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

Some people were unsure whether Florida would still take the spring break cake after the tragic Parkland shooting that took place on February 14, 2018 and the continuing controversy over gun legislation in the state. However according to Project Know, a research organization, they tracked 80,000 Instagram posts that were tagged with #springbreak and there were more than 15,300 posts tagged in Miami in 2017 and it is still ranked the #1 spring break location in the U.S.

So, if you are thinking about traveling to any of these sunny cities this spring break, here is a rundown of what to do once you are there!


Besides the obvious choice of soaking up the sun and lounging on the beautiful South Beach be sure to talk a walk up and down Ocean Drive. The street runs parallel to the beach and is filled with tons of bars, restaurants, and shops. (Lincoln Road also is known for fantastic shopping). There are also plenty of bike rental shops around the area so you can bike around town for quicker sightseeing.

Also located partially along Ocean Drive is the Miami Art Deco District which is a collection of over 800 beautiful pastel-colored Art Deco buildings that span over one square mile.

The spot is a perfect place to grab your trendy spring break instagram picture.

And if you went on spring break to party there is not a shortage of clubs in South Beach. Be sure to check out some of the most popular nightclubs including LIV, Story, E11even, Clevelander and Club Space. Every night they feature top DJ's, fully stocked bars and guaranteed partying until the early morning.


Now Orlando may not be known for any gorgeous beaches but they are well known for the happiest place on earth -- Walt Disney World! Disney World is not just for kids anymore, they have expanded to wonderful shopping and spots to eat in Disney Springs, bigger thrill rides, spectacular shows and fireworks, and who can pass up drinking "around the world" in Epcot park?

Another great option for theme park lovers is Universal Studios, perfect for anyone who wants to get sucked into another world for a day. Whether you are pretending to be a superhero or traveling to Hogwarts with Harry Potter, there is fun everywhere.

And if you'd like to feel like you traveled somewhere more tropical without actually doing so, be sure to check our Discovery Cove park where you can see all kinda of tropical creatures and even swim with dolphins!

Fort Lauderdale

Another Florida beach town, located only about 30 miles north of Miami Beach. Fort Lauderdale may be a bit quieter than Miami but it is still a town filled with great restuarants, bars and shopping. According to Trip Advisor, the number one thing to do in Fort Lauderdale is to go on boat tours. Whether it is via cruise, fishing boat, gondola, tropical sail boat, everglades swamp boat, or pirate ship, there is an option to suit everyone.

No matter which place you choose, fun is guaranteed!