Do you remember starting high school? Everything was different. Maybe you thought about trying new things to fit in or to be a new person. Maybe you realized that that took too much effort and that everything sucked.

The show "Everything Sucks!" was created by Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan. It was released in late February of this year on Netflix [VIDEO], and has the potential to make '90s kids nostalgic as they remember the "good old days."

Background on Netflix's 'Everything Sucks!'

The story was set in Boring, Oregon, which gave characters many opportunities to joke about the town's name.

It started off with a trio of freshmen boys, who considered themselves nerds or outcasts but decided to join a school club to fit in. The boys joined the A.V. club to help with the school's daily news. After interesting events, they joined forces with the drama club to produce a film together.

The show touched on numerous topics, such as sexuality, first love, new friends, family, and much more. With only one season out so far, the story seemed to have been completed towards the end until the last two minutes where the viewers were left with a cliffhanger that will keep them wanting more. Although Netflix [VIDEO] has not yet released information on a second season, people are hopeful.

Reasons to watch the show

Netflix released the first season with only 10 short episodes. The storyline was so compelling, you probably did not notice you were in the last episode until Netflix started suggesting shows you can watch now that you finished this one. The show was similar to a movie, not only because the characters made their own movie but because it seemed so complete.

If you didn't have to deal with the kinds of issues these kids did, then you get a different experience and perspective. The story was sweet and hopeful, with characters falling in love, finding who they are, and working together to build something big to share with others.

Reviews on the show

Rotten Tomatoes' audience gave the show an average of 4.4/5, with 88 percent who liked the show.

Some people compared it to "Stranger Things," only without the supernatural element. Personally, I thought of them as different and unique shows. Although the film the characters from "Everything Sucks!" created was about aliens, these kids did not have to deal with any Demogorgon like in "Stranger Things."

People also believed that with these kinds of shows, about kids and teenagers as the main characters, Netflix provided the world with hope and gave these characters a voice they did not have in the real world. Embrace the nostalgic feelings and listen to the voices that are starting to get louder. Everything sucks!