We have all heard the saying "Kids are just honest.' Kids don't have a so-called 'filter' and they sometimes speak their minds freely. This week, Chrissy Teigen got a taste of brutal honesty from her own almost two-year-old, Luna.

The model told "E! News" that Luna hasn't held her tongue about her mother's changing pregnant body. She, also, explained since Teigen and the toddler take nightly baths together, the baby has said some brutally honest truths about her mother's changing physique. Teigen caught the toddler pointing at her pregnant belly and commenting "Mama Yucky," while getting their nightly bath.

Kids are, sometimes, brutally honest and don't think before they speak.

Sharing toys

Teigen expressed her nervousness about how Luna is going to take the news about having to share with her new baby brother that is due within the next few weeks. Like most toddlers, Luna doesn't like to share her toys until she is one hundred percent done playing with it.

The model explained that the transition for Luna is going to be different than it was for Teigen since her sister was always around and was used to it. Teigen commented that she thinks Luna is going to be a wonderful big sister-- eventually. The toddler just has to get used to the fact that she's going to have to share her toys with her soon-to-be little brother.

Even though the toddler looks like a mixture between John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Luna definitely has Teigen's personality. She will catch herself and the toddler giving each other that exact same look. Teigen has commented on how the toddler already has her attitude and temperament even though she is still very young.

It's only a matter of time until the toddler is her mother's "mini-me."

Preparing for baby number two

Despite Luna being brutally honest, Teigen commented on how sweet and caring the toddler is. Luna is especially nurturing and the family knows that Luna will love the newest addition to the family when he arrives in just a few weeks.

Even though the couple is getting ready for baby number two, Luna has been willing to show her parents how excited she is about her baby brother.

She has shown how well she can take care of her baby doll by feeding them and loving them. Teigen and Legend can already tell that Luna is going to love her baby brother just as much as they do. The couple can't wait for the newest addition to the family, and obviously, Luna can't wait either.