Candylicious Bubbles are unique in that they are edible. Created with a flavored bubble solution, the Candylicious Bubble line has grown incredibly popular since its launch in 2016.

Little Kids Inc created the "Candylicious" brand. They now include a range of flavors such as chocolate, cherry, and watermelon. Moreover, Little Kids Inc. also holds the licensing for “Jelly Belly” and “PEEPS.” These items are often regarded as the perfect Easter basket stuffers and ideal candy-alternatives.

PEEPS and chocolate bunnies

The crown jewel of the collection is the chocolate “Easter Bunny” that comes equipped with chocolate-flavored bubbles that are completely safe and Edible!

The PEEPS-shaped “bubble wands” are also proving to be popular items this year. Other cute, collectible, and edible bubbles in the series include a red cherry-flavored gummy bear, a chocolate-flavored ice cream cone, and a tutti-frutti-flavored green ice pop. These Candylicious flavors come in a pack of three.

Themed bubble products also include the “PEEPS Scented Bubble Bunny” which is shaped like the classic—now iconic—PEEPS Candy and smells like marshmallows. The “PEEPS Giant Bubble Wand” is also very popular since it has the capability of blowing huge bubbles. Simply dip the jumbo-sized wand in the bubble stick, and then wave it around to see huge bubbles form and fly in the sky. The bubbles are available in pink, yellow, and blue.

Jelly beans and eggs

“Jelly Belly” is another popular series of candy—jelly beans—that have resulted in a number of innovative and playful products. The “Jelly Belly Bubble Machine Assortment” blows bubbles that are deliciously scented. Moreover, every machine is customizable when decorated with stickers that come included in each package.

There are three different colors and scents: the red one is cherry scented. The blue one has a blueberry scent. The green one has a green apple scent. The machines include two fl oz of the solution, and it requires three “AA” batteries to function.

Moreover, kids can now hatch their very own bunny or chick with the “PEEPS Grow a Peep!” Although not edible, this is a fun addition to any Easter basket.

All you need to do to kickstart the hatching process is to pour water into the container and watch the egg dissolve. It will reveal either a chick or a bunny and then grow to three-times its size within forty-eight hours.

All the items listed retail for less than $10 so they are a very affordable way to have an extremely Happy Easter!

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