There is no denying that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are the Hollywood "In" couple. The couple has been an icon ever since their marriage in 2013. However, since she has not taken Legend's last name, it has left fans around the globe asking the model why and asking if she truly loves the man she married.

What actually happened?

Chrissy Teigen told fans later this week and explained why she kept her maiden name instead of taking John Legend's last name. Teigen spoke out on Thursday when replying to a fan on Twitter to hear the reason why she decided not to take her husband's surname.

The supermodel spoke out, replying to the 2017 tweet after it went viral again, and spilled the beans about John Legend being just her husband's stage name.That's right. John Legend's legal last name isn't even Legend. Fans of the Hollywood star were stunned when the information crossed social media and the news.

Many of John's fans were shocked at the news. John Legend was born with the name John Stephens.

John explained in an MTV interview that his current stage name started out as a nickname. Legend told viewers that his stage name is something that he wouldn't have chosen for himself. Individuals in his inner circle used his stage name "Legend" more than his legal name. John had to make a decision that would change his life entirely.

From that day forward, Legend decided to keep his stage name, instead of going by the name he was given at birth.

Many users on Twitter continued to push at the celebrity as to why she didn't take Legend's last name.

A user asked the model why she thought her example was relevant to people who actually live in the real world and actually earn a living.

Teigen explained to the user that her story doesn't have to be relevant and that she can keep her maiden name if she wants to, without anyone's permission. Another fan of the supermodel joined in on the Twitter discussion to defend Teigen's decision to keep her maiden name in hopes of quieting the other users. The fan backed the celebrity's decision on keeping her maiden name and explained that Teigen didn't owe anyone an explanation.

The Truth

Teigen later explained that she wasn't opposed to taking Legend's name. The model was going to get her name changed but never got around to actually doing it. At the end of the day, it is still her decision and it shouldn't matter whether she kept her maiden name or took Legend's last name. Her love for her husband should not be questioned either due to her decision.