Over the last year, Instagram has been loaded with magical hair colors that have filled beauty lovers' eyes with wonder. Pastel unicorns, enchanting mermaids, and silver queens were all the rage throughout 2017. However, for Spring 2018, experts have a new whimsical Hair Color trend that they believe will dominate the rest.

It seems that beauty lovers and trend-setters will soon be bleaching their hair in order to achieve the "Rose Quartz" hair color. This dainty yet powerful pink hair color has the perfect balance of glamor and punk, making it the perfect new shade for Spring.

On the runway

American fashion designer Alexander Wang, who is well known for extreme makeovers, recently had his models walk the runway with rose quartz locks. Under the creative direction of Josh Wood, Redken's Global Color Creative Director, models like Stella Lucia underwent this magical transformation before hitting the runway.

The entire process took eight hours in order to achieve the look. Lucia's hair was first bleached to a level 10 platinum blonde. After being toned to a shade of silver, Wood used a mix of three different pinks to achieve the rose quartz color. Using Redken City Beats Ballet Pink, East Village Violet, and Midtown Magenta, Wood was able to perfectly execute the coral/orchid blend that was then called rose quartz.

Inspired by 1990's Kate Moss, this glamorous punk hair color quickly caught the attention of fashion lovers all around the world. Since its debut on the runway, many beauty bloggers have taken to social media to show off their new rose quartz locks.

Semi-permanent options

For those who do not wish to permanently dye their locks pink, there are many other options.

Several brands now carry semi-permanent rose quartz hair color that will wash out over a span of a few weeks. These hair products are often labeled as metallic or chromasilk hair dyes.

Most professional hair stylists do not recommend attempting to dye one's own hair, especially when bleaching is involved. Color specialists spend hundreds of hours learning how to properly bleach and dye hair.

With as many steps as the rose quartz hair color requires, it is highly recommended that people wishing to don this magical shade see a professional colorist first.

In order to reach any kind of unicorn hair color, one must first commit to going platinum. For the beauty gurus who already have platinum hair, semi permanent rose quartz hair color will be fairly easy to achieve. Some companies even have shampoo and conditioner sets that will temporarily color blonde hair. Whatever the method used to get this magical shade, rose quartz is sure to be a top trend for Spring 2018.