As several states in the southeast united states, middle Atlantic, northeast and New England areas brace for a nor'easter, Cabin Fever is definitely expected to kick in. Dangerously cold temperatures and wind chills can make being outside for extended periods of time risky, but at the same time, waiting for the winter thaw can be enough to make a person crazy. So here are some Ideas for things to do in the midst of cold and gloom.

Plan a cabin fever vacation

Depending on where you live, warmer is relative. Somehow, being able to hunker down in a cozy cabin in someplace like Tennessee around the Smokey Mountain area is just better than feeling trapped within your own four walls.

A quick Google search of cabin fever vacations reveals that there are cabins that are designed for helping you relax and maybe even enjoy the winter weather. With amenities such as a hot tub, home theater, entertainment room equipped with items such as a pool table and arcade, and plenty of opportunities to get outside and do stuff in an area that should be somewhat warmer, it can be an improvement over where you currently are. Besides, the planning aspect gives you something else to think about while the wind howls outside your house and the snow furiously flies by.

Be creative with crafts

Lots of winter possibilities here such as Origami, organizing old photos in a scrapbook, searching out how to knit or crochet or do wood carvings on YouTube.

Teach yourself a new hobby, rekindle an old hobby such as playing an instrument, drawing, or building models, building a fort with blankets, learning a new game, or searching out an interesting recipe learn how to cook a new dish. The possibilities here for indoor cold weather activities are pretty endless.

Catch up on your reading

So you've got about fifty books sitting around that look interesting, but you never seem to find the time to read them. Being stuck inside due to crazy weather is the perfect excuse to knock another book off your growing list of must-reads. This can be a wonderfully cozy activity when paired with a cup of hot chocolate or cider in front of a warm fire.

Plan to redecorate your favorite room

So when's the last time you spruced up your favorite hangout room in your house? If you like redecorating, this can be a fun winter activity as you surf the net for ideas, consider a new color scheme, adopt a new theme, and imagine the possibilities for a makeover. This can even be a potentially fun mother-daughter activity, or a fun father-son activity if you're giving the man cave a makeover.

Take a winter hike

As long as the temperatures aren't dangerously cold in your area, a winter hike can be an exhilarating break from being stuck inside. If you're dressed in layers and have the right gear (consider traction devices for your hiking boots if hiking in snow and ice, and trekking poles for extra stability and balance), this can also be a fun family activity.

Something is rejuvenating about being outside anyway, and the beauty of fresh snow on trees and hiking someplace with inspirational views of the area can give you a whole new perspective on your day while also relieving any stress you're feeling. You may not even have to go out of town if you're within driving distance of a county or state park.

The above are just a few ideas for helping those in the colder areas to make winter more bearable. Hopefully, these also spawn other ideas for helping you to combat cabin fever as you eagerly await the winter thaw.