Without a doubt, 2016 was the year of the lip fillers. With Kylie Jenner gaining more popularity (and notoriety) due to her plastic surgery procedures and lip injections, big lips became all everyone was talking about.

But, trends come and go, and 2017 saw those interested in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures move away from the lip and onto other parts of the body. Read below to find out which procedures were most popular in the year behind us. A report by Harpers Bazaar presented most of the facts used in this article.

Fat be gone!

When it comes to the most popular non-surgical treatment, non-surgical fat reduction such as Coolsculpting or Sculpsure definitely takes first place.

For those of you unfamiliar with removing fat non-surgically, Coolsculpting removes fat by using controlled cooling to eliminate fat which is stubborn and cannot be eliminated through any exercise - and the results are long-lasting. Sculpsure works in a similar way but uses lasers and the results are permanent. Both procedures are approved by the FDA.

Fillers come in second place, with hair restoration treatments coming in third, according to Harper's Bazaar. In fourth place are toxins such as Botox. Due to the aging population in the west, Botox has experienced a steady increase in usage in the past few years.

Still all about the chest

Breast augmentation still holds the first place when it comes to plastic surgery treatments, and has so for years.

Some women choose to enlarge their breasts or have a breast reduction, while some women simply want to have a breast lift. Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as simply a "nose job" comes in second. Nose jobs are not likely to lose their spot at the top due to the fact that the shapes of our noses are still very important and play a large role in somebody's appearance.

The "tummy tuck" comes in third. A tummy tuck is a procedure in which excess skin, usually from pregnancy or severe weight loss, is removed from a person's stomach. Many mothers in the United States opt for this procedure in order to reverse the effects of pregnancy and aging, causing many plastic surgery clinics to create the so-called "mommy makeover" - an entire set of procedures aimed at mothers who would like to go back to the way they looked pre-pregnancy.

Another procedure which has been popularized by the Kardashian and Jenner families is the "backside enhancement," which is a surgical procedure in which fat from a person's waist is removed and placed into their backside, creating a larger backside.