Fashionistas looking to rock the latest unicorn hair color trends will be relieved to know that there is one shade that does not require bleach. This magical color also happens to be Pantone's Color of the Year 2018. Ultra Violet is a shade that can be applied to darker hair colors without having to strip all the natural pigment first. There is no need to bleach.

Color of the Year 2018

Every year, the popular printing company Pantone releases their prediction for which hue will be the most popular. For 2018, they chose a deep purple shade with blue undertones known as Ultra Violet.

The last time Pantone chose a unicorn color was back in 2016. Rose Quartz earned the title that year and was complimented by a sky blue shade called Serenity. The result of this whimsical combination was an overwhelming amount of cotton candy pink and blue hair on Instagram.

Fashion and beauty experts believe that this year will be no different. Unicorn hair is more popular than ever, and beauty companies are scrambling to produce products that will help achieve these magical looks. Ultra Violet has already become a trend on several social media platforms.

No more bleach

What makes Ultra Violet such a great hair color is that it does not require bleach. Most unicorn hair colors need a white base.

People who are not naturally blonde need to first strip all of the pigment out of their locks before adding most rainbow shades. This process can sometimes cause irreversible damage, which is why many people have opted out of the unicorn hair trend.

Lime Crime is one of the many beauty companies trying to make unicorn hair accessible to all hair colors.

The company released a line of hair color products last year that can be used on darker hair without bleach. Chestnut and Squid are the two purple unicorn hair colors that are perfect for anyone with dark locks. Lime Crime is also a cruelty free company, which is a major plus for many beauty enthusiasts who do not agree with animal testing.

Other alternatives for achieving unicorn hair without dyes are colored hairsprays, gels, and chalks. These temporary methods allow darker haired people to test out a whimsical hair color before taking the plunge. These products do not cause any damage to the hair and wash out easily in the shower.

Blondes should be more careful with colored gels and chalk. Depending on how blonde the hair is, colored hair gel and chalk may stain the hair. It's always best to search for product reviews before choosing which method is the best.

As for Pantone's Color of the Year 2018, Ultra Violet is set to be widely popular this year in the beauty industry. Unicorn hair is here to stay, and people with darker hair can finally enjoy it.